On Livestreaming Ecosystem | Yixin Media: Be Like Still Water, and Advance with Steadiness

Published on : 08 May 2023

"If the water isn’t deep enough, it will be powerless to carry big boats." The great era we’re now in marks a golden period for those who are ambitious to start a business and fight for success. Instead of focusing on trying luck and taking shortcuts, it is always better to concentrate on cultivating one's own strength, just like the still water that is steady and unassuming, but encompasses great ambitions and thoughts.

Yixin Media is a streamer agency that celebrates such a development philosophy, maintaining a sense of rationality at all times, boosting internal growth momentum, and staying resilient and persistent to ensure its growth as an upstart.

Down-to-Earth for Steady Development

Founded in 2017, Yixin Media has now grown from a team of just three at the beginning to an agency of more than 300 employees. Such development will never have been possible without its "down-to-earth and hard-working" philosophy.

"Never haste for success, and never take shortcuts" is a phrase that Yixin Media’s founding team often talks about. From the beginning of its establishment to the present, the agency has transformed from casual business to well-trained operations, providing professional one-on-one services for streamers. It has also improved and developed the team step by step from a state of no systematic management to fully-developed practices. The agency now insists on responding to all requests and getting all tasks done, while sharing more benefits to drive the development of the whole team.

While the founding team of Yixin Media are not born entrepreneurs and managers, they are reliable explorers and doers who forge ahead step by step. The founding members have led everyone in the agency to stay tenacious at all times, and "learn from strengths and make up for weaknesses" in everyday work, so that the whole team can learn together and grow together. By doing so, they’ve continued to improve their own operational capabilities, uplift the talent and appeal of their streamers, and go further on the road of cultivating Internet celebrities.

With such a down-to-earth mindset, Yixin Media is confident that in the next five years, it will further grow to have 500 streamers, with tripling traffic- and e-commerce-derived revenue.


Still Water Flows Deep, Steady Journey Goes Further

In the five years since its establishment, Yixin Media has won many awards from Scienjoy’s Haixiu livestreaming platform that honor either the agency or its individual streamers. That has also made it one of Haixiu’s indispensable partners.

While achieving outstanding results in the livestreaming industry, Yixin Media is also building on its online celebrities and operations team to keep up with the trend of Internet development. To date, the agency has fostered business models including traffic-oriented livestreaming, e-commerce-oriented livestreaming, short video production, and micro-film production, synergizing online and offline resources to optimize promotional effects, leveraging trending online celebrities to accurately reach the target audience, and providing targeted online celebrity livestreaming services and new e-commerce marketing ideas based on customer needs and market trends.

At the same time, Yixin Media is also actively giving back to the society, providing a large number of flexible employment opportunities for locals in Acheng District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. At present, the company is focusing on how to better plan and promote local culture and tourism and conduct livestreaming marketing of local green foods, seeking to showcase the most beautiful Acheng to viewers across China.

By keeping your feet on the ground, you will advance steadily and go far for a colorful journey; as still water runs deep, you can amaze the world with a single brilliant feat by first staying quiet and humble. In all career and achievement, staying down-to-earth is something that should always come first. On the road of chasing dreams, Yixin Media, while staying ambitious for the future, never forgets taking every step seriously. Acting in a practical and humble manner, the agency is now fulfilling its passion with practical actions.