May 4 Youth Day | All Youth Deserves to Burn and Shine

Published on : 29 August 2023

Flowers bloom toward the sun;

Young people grow to new heights.

Despite wind and rain, mountains and seas,

in this grand young life,

we shall all burn like fire,

and fly high like the wind!

Though our stories are different,

each life has its own sparkling side.

What is fiery youth like?

Let our streamers tell you!

VOL.1 Showself - Xiong Xiaoxin

Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Turkey, Japan...when traveling in foreign countries, Xiong can always harvest stories and insights. Calligraphy, oil painting, tambourine, diving...she enriches herself in her attempts to become a better self.

Always free and enthusiastic and seeking unrestricted growth…for Xiong, youth is about being the self her wants to be.

VOL.2 Lehai - Lailai

When in school, Lailai became interested in hosting, and worked quietly to save enough tuition to attend hosting training courses. After leaving school, he chose passion over stability, and turned livestreaming session into his stage – he is the best protagonist and the best host on this stage.

The seeds that Lailai planted when he was young thrived when he grew up. Youth is just about fearing nothing for the things you love.

VOL.3 Haixiu - Gao Yaqin

From cosmetology to livestreaming, Gao believes that the path chosen by oneself must be followed without hesitation. So she uses hard work to resist questioning eyes, and persistence to dispel the confusion of her down time.

Ups and downs and setbacks are nothing but normal. Life is not necessarily cool, but you must go all out to live it well.

VOL.4 BeeShow - Qianchen

Changes in the family pushed Qianchen to grow up overnight, and the impetuousness and fragility in his nature gradually disappeared. Even though his appearance is still childish, Qianchen’s heart has already been tempered and strengthened.

In the journey of youth, we will all experience various things that push us to the next stage in life. As the saying goes, there is no growth without experience, no transformation without breaking the cocoon.

VOL.5 Hongren - Wanwan

Wanwan has a pair of eyes that are good at discovering beauty, and a passion to share the beauty in life. She pursues perfectionism, and wants to achieve the ultimate in what she believes in. She also pays attention to the details, stays diligent in daily life, and uses every bit of effort to exhibit her beauty.

Root down for a solid life, and grow up for a shining future. If we put our efforts into practice, the future is naturally worth looking forward to.