Scienjoy Celebrates China’s Varying Dialects to Support Rural Revitalization

Published on : 04 September 2023

The rise of online livestreaming has enabled a new media platform for spreading positive energy. Building on the prevailing livestreaming format, Scienjoy, China’s leading mobile livestreaming platforms provider, recently kicked off the sixth season of its signature “Speaking for My Hometown” campaign. Searching for the most beautiful hometown dialect, the season mobilized streamers to look for “voice ambassadors” of their hometowns, allowing netizens to experience the charms of China’s vastly-different dialects while showcasing the achievements of the Rural Revitalization initiative.



Dialects exhibit the cultural features of a region, embody people’s sense of belonging and identity, bear important linguistic and historical values, and are an important carrier for the inheritance and development of traditional culture. Being the most beautiful local language, these rhyming dialects serve as living proof of China’s profound history and thriving culture. The latest livestreaming activity involved Scienjoy’s platforms including Showself, Lehai, Haixiu, BeeHive, and Hongren – although the platforms approached the theme in different ways, they all shared the same aspiration to celebrate China’s colorful dialects and allow more audiences to understand the country’s contrasting cultural features through the medium of spoken language and feel the strong cultural imprints embedded in these dialects. Streamers from across China showcased the characteristics of their hometown dialects through the camera, with varying tones and rhymes revealing unique charms.


Since its establishment, Scienjoy has been committed to leveraging the livestreaming medium to focus on rural revitalization, spread traditional culture, and celebrate positive energy in society. This year, the company’s signature “Speaking for My Hometown” campaign is celebrating its sixth year – over the past five years, the campaign has highlighted different themes to exhibit the people, scenes, crafts, and foods of rural China, as well as the achievements of high-quality rural revitalization and integrated urban-rural development. Presenting a colorful and vibrant panorama of rural China, the campaign has drawn the participation of millions of people.


Looking forward, Scienjoy will build on its livestreaming platforms and gather resources such as streamers and technologies, to continuously output high-quality cultural content and encourage more people to participate in the revitalization of rural China and the promotion of traditional culture.