Shepower | Stories of Sparkling Female Streamers on Scienjoy Platforms

Published on : 08 March 2023

In an era when “shepower” continues to rise, more and more women start to break free from various constraints, and try to give off their own charismas. They smash stereotypes to show their true selves; they fear no rumors to boldly express themselves; and they tear off labels to rebuild their identities. The display of such shepower all comes from the shining qualities of our heroines.

To celebrate “shepower” in the new era, Scienjoy, China’s leading mobile livestreaming platforms provider, focuses on sparkling female streamers in the livestreaming universe, using their stories to disrupt the stereotyped perspective of the outside world and enable more people to see their beautiful qualities.

In an era when women's consciousness is awakening, on the one hand, women are working hard in both life and society, hoping to break the various "shackles" that society places on them; on the other hand, they have a natural-born caring mindset for things around them, and are sensitive and gentle as well as compassionate and warm... They have many beautiful qualities, and at the same time, use the tenderness and tenacity unique to women to show the world how strong they are!

In an era when everyone is seeking individuality, every women can show off her own charm and splendor. Breaking away from the stereotyped impressions that women are born to be delicate or should sacrifice themselves for the family, they are now exhibiting more qualities of being independent, confident, and self-improving, and having greater capacity in navigating their lives. Highlighting the theme of “Seeing Their Qualities” and building on the stories of sparkling streamers from five platforms, Scienjoy joins hands with multiple brands for a themed campaign to celebrate female streamers’ qualities and personalities through content sharing and opinion expression. Though coming from all across the world as well as different family backgrounds, these streamers entered the livestreaming industry because of various opportunities. Under their glamorous look, they have their own life experiences; they always keep moving forward and strive to become better selves; and they are brave, tough, kind, or free and easy...every quality from them should be seen and appreciated.

Marked on March 8 every year, the International Women’s Day is an annual festival to celebrate women's important contributions and great achievements in economic, political and social fields. After decades of development, it has become a festival to express respect, appreciation and love for all women in all walks of life. Regardless of origin, region, or class, all women who strive to shine and bravely show their strength deserve our greatest respect.