[Red Classic@Era Heroes] Broadcasting of the Opera "Visitor on the Iceberg" by Scienjoy sparked resonance among netizens

Published on : 09 December 2020

On December 4th, the [Red Classic@Era Heroes] series of red classic art works entered the National Theatre for the rehearsals Live, directed by the Network News and Information Dissemination Bureau of the Central Cyberspace Administration, hosted by Guangming.com, and exclusively supported by Scienjoy. The event was broadcasted on five online platforms of Showself, Haixiu TV, Lehai TV, BeeLive and its strategic cooperation platform Hongre Live.

[Red Classic@Era Heroes] The live broadcast performed by famous theaters and troupes help everyone understand the hero stories and spirit of the times behind classic operas from classic stage art. In the live broadcast of the show "Visitor on the Iceberg", the popular theme song "Why the Flowers Are So Red" immediately evoked the memories of netizens and aroused the resonance of them.

The opera " Visitor on the Iceberg " was composed by famous contemporary Chinese composer Lei Lei, the daughter of the composer of the film of the same name. She not only retains the "theme" of the original film music, but also fits characteristics of the opera. She uses her rich musical sense to set off the popular melody of her predecessors and brings the audience back to that era of innocence and the beautiful Pamir mountains. At the same time, in order to create the opera " Visitor on the Iceberg ", the National Theatre managed to collaborate with talented creators all over the world. A couple (Yi Ming and Lei Lei) have constantly reviewed and improved their works. Director Chen Xinyi also cooperates with an international creative team for the first time to realize the work of the National Theatre "Chinese Story, International Production".

Since the classic movie " Visitor on the Iceberg " was released in 1963, it was well recognized and popular among audiences across the country. In particular, the theme songs "Remembering Comrades" and "Why the Flowers Are So Red" were well-known and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. These national melodies passed down by the population. This time, Scienjoy and Guangming.com jointly show their respect to the red classics. The purpose is to better spread the culture and pass on this national work in the form of live broadcast. Hopefully, “Pamir red flower” that witnessed love bloom in people's hearts again.

Red classic works are the artistic treasures of Chinese culture in terms of study of the hero stories of the times and promotion of the spirit of the Chinese nation, and communication of the feelings of the family and the country. For the next step, Scienjoy will make more attempts in the dissemination and inheritance of red classics. Previously, we presented a series of live broadcast activities in four areas: public welfare, poverty alleviation, technology and culture. We managed to deliver some events such as: "Online Chinese Festival·Chongyang", "Global Online Appreciation of the Beauty of Beijing's Central Axis", "Look back to intangible cultural heritage" and so on. These activities have enriched our product content and experience, not only demonstrating the social responsibility of Scienjoy spreading positive energy, but also conveying the platform's determination to continuously output high-quality content.