Livestream talent training – Scienjoy promotes the sustainable development of livestreaming industry

Published on : 04 November 2020

On November 4, 2020, with the development of "Internet marketing", the social recognition of streamers has been increased. In order to further standardize the livestream industry, to interpret livestream related laws and regulations, to improve the quality of livestreaming content, to formulate the healthy development of livestreaming, China National Radio and Television Administration Talent Center hosted a project with different courses such as “Compliance Training for Streamers” and “National New Media Talent Training”. Scienjoy fully participated in the project and proceeded through its entirety. The project focuses on enabling streamers to take online courses such as livestreaming policies and regulations, professional skills in the livestream industry, industrial ecology and value realization in order to comprehensively facilitate the sustainable and healthy development of the online entertainment industry.

The outbreak of COVID-19 helped livestreaming penetrate deep into people's daily life. According to CNNIC data, by March 2020, the number of users of livestreaming networks in China has reached 560 million, and streamers have also become very popular and influential. Accordingly, the uneven performance of different streamers has arisen attention from the society. The popularity of livestreaming created many job opportunities. According to ZhiLian Recruiting, the average salary in the livestream industry was 9,423 Yuan (~USD1400) per month in the third quarter of 2019. The employment demand faces many problems. For example, many employees lack professional skills. Scienjoy firmly believes that, through training, building a talent training platform for livestream, training streamers, and improving the professional skills of livestream practitioners are the firm’s responsibility to promote the sound development of the industry.

Deliver quality content, spread positive values

With a massive online user base, livestreaming has become a new channel to show daily life, a new carrier to record different lifestyles, a new tool to shape social culture, and a new platform to deliver different thoughts. The content of livestreaming is the core to make broadcasting become a new media field full of positive energy and which delivers positive values.

The content and service styles produced by e-commerce, short video and mobile livestreaming are very appealing, which effectively increase the stickiness of network users. At the same time, with the development of 5G, enterprises use AI, AR, VR, big data and other technologies to find the combination point of livestreaming business innovation and technological innovation. Scienjoy insists on promoting the continuous output of mainstream content and has formed a high-quality content culture. Scienjoy believes that training can achieve the effective combination of new technology, new tools and new content with people and communication channels, and delivering positive opinions. At the same time, by following the correct operation experience in the past, it enables the livestreaming industry to continuously output high-quality content and build up the correct values.

Strengthen the interpretation of laws and regulations; Promote the supply of professional talents

Behind the prosperity of livestreaming, the market still has some negative influencers. In order to regulate the development of the livestreaming and short video industry, the State Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has issued the "Regulations on The Management of Internet Live Broadcast Services", continuously standardizing and governing the livestreaming and short video industry. In order to solve the problems in the industry, such as unhealthy content, low quality content, and lagging supervision, we should constantly improve the quality of professionals engaged in livestream and cultivate comprehensive talents.

Systematic and professional training and in-depth interpretation of laws and regulations of the livestream industry in terms of content creation, management systems, supervision systems, responsibility mechanisms, technical standards, operating norms, etc., can help streamers and employees improve their political awareness and professional quality in both ways. Livestreaming has stepped into the era of steady growth. E-commerce streamers have been established as a new type of job. Regulating the behavior of streamers and employees through education and training is one of the measures to promote the healthy development of the industry.

As a listed enterprise, Scienjoy takes corporate social responsibility in promoting the development of the industry, releasing the social and economic effects and social benefits of new forms of business. Constantly improving the comprehensive quality of streamers is an important way to accelerate the development of the livestreaming industry. Simultaneously, it will realize the enterprise’s economic growth.

Livestreaming is a new platform and form of media currently being transformedg. The development of the Internet celebrity economy also enables more ordinary people to go to the forefront of creation, production and communication, bringing new opportunities to the development of the Internet economy. It is an inevitable trend for new media professionals to become more professional, and training is an opportunity and a necessary way forward for them.