Scienjoy: cutting-edge technology leveraging the future of live broadcast

Published on : 09 November 2020

Scienjoy (NASDAQ: SJ) is China's leading entertainment video live social platform. Scienjoy applies 5G cutting-edge technologies, including AI and AR, to create an immersive user experience and promote the development of new entertainment methods that combine both online and offline, virtual and reality.

Scienjoy currently has five live broadcast platforms: Showself, Lehai TV, Haixiu TV, BeeLive (domestic version) and BeeLive for overseas markets. Scienjoy applies cutting-edge technology to these platforms, which promotes the transformation of live broadcast from simple broadcast in the past to a novel way of social interaction, making the social relationship between users and the anchor and other users closer.

The live broadcast industry is booming and now has a large number of daily active users and a diverse community. According to the Grand View Research report, the global live video broadcast market is estimated to be USD 50.1 billion in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 20.4%, and is expected to reach USD 184.2 billion in 2027.However, the user experience of traditional live broadcast platforms is still difficult to meet the social needs of fans. To solve this problem, Scienjoy uses cutting-edge technologies such as AR and AI to build a rich virtual second world for broadcasters and users.

Scienjoy focuses on the segment of the show live broadcast. We have more than 200,000 talented anchors and provide users with diversified scene services. Currently, cutting-edge technologies such as AI and AR have been applied to Scienjoy's core business to meet user needs and social experience. At the same time, we also create a unique content ecology, including AI games embedded in live broadcasts, user-host interaction, content classification, etc., especially AI applications for graphics, voice, facial and gesture recognition, which are highly sought after by users.

Based on AI technology, through real-time recognition of the anchor's actions, we have developed more attractive products and functions, thereby satisfying the needs of users for a better product experience. According to Scienjoy's financial report, total paying users increased from 196,592 in the second quarter in 2019 to 277,604 in the same period of 2020, an increase of 41.2%.

In addition, Scienjoy integrates AR technology into the user interface and user experience, and upgrades various user-centric functions, including virtual effects, beauty filters and stickers. These technologies enrich the interactive experience, extend more possibilities of content, and break through the limitations of traditional flat interaction. In virtual reality scenes or games, users can customize the appearance of the anchor, live broadcast scene, and even the appearance and attributes of the users, so as to obtain a completely immersive and customized experience.

These technologies mainly optimize user experience in three ways: Firstly, enrichment of content scenarios with the help of AI and AR to enhance user participation. The integration of real video and virtual content presents a more streamlined and natural interface for fans. Secondly, usage of technology to enhance product interaction so that users can participate more actively in the live broadcast and have more interaction with the anchor. Users are upgraded to be participants in the live broadcast scenario rather than just bystanders. Finally, the introduction of technologies such as AI and AR has added more creativity and interest to the live broadcast.

Behind the platform page is a complex back-end system that is invisible to users and anchors. The back-end system relies on AI and AR technologies, including animation engines compatible with mobile devices, event-driven asynchronous business processing mechanisms, linearly scalable server deployment, modular service development and assembly, high-throughput parallel message service clusters, and Spam filtering based on machine learning, etc., all of these contribute to the smooth operation of the platform.

Scienjoy CEO He Xiaowu said: "In the 5G era, high bandwidth and low latency will broaden the value space of live broadcast, make the user experience more real and rich, and enhance the social relationship between the anchor and the user. The combination of 5G and AI/AR technology will promote the integration of the virtual world and the real world, making the live broadcast present a "second world" with more diverse virtual content, richer experience, and higher user participation. These will completely change the interactive way of live broadcast. In the future, technology will drive changes in the live broadcast industry. The 5G era has created more possibilities for people’s lives, as is the live broadcast industry.

Scienjoy will continue to study the application areas of "Live+" under 5G, AI and AR technology, in order to further provide users at home and abroad with customized services, explore new products and redefine live video.