Live Stream + Intangible Cultural Heritage Add Value to The Traditional Culture

Published on : 24 October 2018

On October 23rd, a series of live stream program called “Meet intangible cultural heritage again” was officially launched. The program was sponsored by the Beijing Culture and Art Foundation, Beijing Network Culture Association, and Showself Entertainment. At that day, Hou Guoyi, a successor of Beijing sugar figurine and Yu Jie, a successor of Jingyun Dagu were invited to the live stream room 7007777. They introduced their arts and interact with the audience regarding the cultural heritage that they respectively mastered.


Beijing sugar figurines in childhood memories

Sugar figurine is a traditional folk art in China and an old popular industry in Beijing. In the early 1980s, sugar figurine was popular among children. However, the term sounds really foreign. It is even harder to find it on the street. 

During the live stream, Hou Guoyi introduced its development, history, culture, and his bonds with it. He hopes he can make his own contribution to develop the sugar figurine industry and expose it to more people. An online audience said that sugar figurine is the sweetest memory in his childhood; he said “Hope my child also can experience it”


Jingyun Dagu bring art to your life

After listening to the story of Beijing sugar figurine, the live stream moved on to the Jingyun Dagu. It evolved from a popular wooden drum in Cangzhou, Hejian areas of Hebei province in the late Qing Dynasty. Yu Jie, an inheritor of the culture, is good at performing narrative and lyric types of Beijing opera. He combined the singing elements into the Jingyun Dagu. He is known as "the first male Jingyun in China".

At the beginning of the live stream, the teacher sang a song called "Wind and Rain Return to The Boat" which was highly praised by many online audiences. It was charming and impressive. He also introduced the history of Jiangyun Dagu and shared the story of his art experience. Audiences admired his attitudes and persistence towards art. They said: "Hope I can also make some achievements in my field".


Participant in the live stream to show a wonderful life

Intangible cultural heritage is the "real soul" of human beings. It contains unique and affluent imagination, cultural consciousness, and national spirit representing a special value to the development of the nation's society. In terms spreading traditional culture, Showself Entertainment continuously makes great efforts. It launched a series of live stream program “The beauty of the quintessence of China” “Splendid China” “Hello, new era” etc. It devotes itself to express positive energy to the public. They try to to incorporate culture into their live streams program. “Meet intangible cultural heritage again” is an important program for Showself Entertainment in the area of “live stream+intangible cultural heritage”.


In the next four days, the series of “Meet intangible cultural heritage again” will show the food culture of Mangu, Sanshizhai kite, dough figurines, Gucai trick, and other kinds of cultural heritage in an attempt to encourage more people to embrace the traditional culture.