The Program “Meet Intangible Cultural Heritage Again” Boost the Traditional Culture Communication

Published on : 23 October 2018

Traditional culture is extensive and profound. How to enhance its influence on the public and let it be exposed to more young people? How can live stream, a new form of media enrich its content to show the charm of traditional culture and increase its development? Showself Entertainment never stops its steps in fulfilling corporate social responsibility and show positive energy to audiences. From October 23rd, Showself Entertainment will collaborate with Beijing Culture and Art Foundation and Beijing Network Culture Association to launch a live stream called "Meet intangible cultural heritage again". During the six-day program,cultural heritage such as Beijing dough figurines, Jingyun Dagu, Mangu food culture, Beijing kite, face figurines, and Gucai trick will be shown on stage one after another. The objective of the program is to show an in-depth understanding of the intangible cultural heritage to the audiences and make it “live” among the young people.

Showself has already cooperated with Beijing Culture and Art Foundation and Beijing Network Culture Association last year to launch a live stream named “The beauty of the quintessence of China” which has achieved a huge success and public recognition. The series of “Meet intangible cultural heritage again” this year is a huge milestone. It combines the intangible cultural heritage with new media and demonstrate it in the form of “live stream + intangible cultural heritage”; enabling more young people to understand it.


Successors Peng Xingrong of food culture, Liu Bin of Beijing kite, Zhang Baolin of face figurines, Tian Xueming of Gucai trick will be invited as guests to join the Showself live stream and interact with online audiences. They can have an opportunity to enjoy the charm of Beijing dialect, Beijing opera, sugar figurines, Mangu cuisine, Gucci tricks and they can know the whole process of making kites and face figurines.

The interactive, cross-regional live stream show attracted a large number of audiences, especially the young generation. Showself Entertainment has specialized in this live stream area for many years. It has made great efforts to explore “live stream +” and put more emphasis on the integration of live stream, culture, public welfare, science and technology, and education.

The combination of the live stream and intangible cultural heritage has spread the information to more audiences effectively and provide special high-quality contents to the platform to optimize the whole media ecosystem. "Live stream + intangible cultural heritage" increase its awareness among the young generation and encourage more people to participate in the protection of intangible cultural heritage. Through participation, people can enrich their cultural experience, feel the essence of intangible cultural heritage, and inherit the traditional Chinese culture.