A Flying Intangible Cultural Heritage - Exquisite Kite Palace

Published on : 25 October 2018

Autumn is coming and kites are flying in the blue sky. The kites are made of thin paper and bamboo. They fly in the sky and bring joy to the sky. However, do you know how to make it?

At 16 pm, our live stream program "Meet intangible cultural heritage again" invited teacher Liu Bin, a successor of Sanshizhai kite, to introduce and do thorough explanation about the kites.


As soon as we entered the teacher's studio, our attention was drawn to the dazzling kites. They are shaped and placed so exquisitely that it tells a story; a dragonfly stopped and seems to fly immediately, a swallow spread its wings while waiting for the wings; and a big lobster hanging at ease...


Sanshizhai kite inherited by teacher Liu is originally from Cao kite category. It is a kind of palace kite. Hence, it is not surprising that the kites are that “exquisite, fine, elegant”; attracting large attention.


This swallow kite named “Zhayan” is popular among online audiences. It is form like a Jing swallow that does not fly to the south. They can be divided into the fat one, the thin one, and the young one. People from ages may like it!


It is not that easy to make a delicate kite and it takes a long time to finish one kite. A kite is made  in four steps. The efforts are to make kites by hand these days is very impressive.


Inheritance is not easy.  Teacher Liu is trying to dig more in this area. She visited many experts, observed and learned different skills relating to kite-making. Moreover, she tries to combine Photoshop, 3D printing, and other up-to-date technologies into kite-making; it demonstrates more possibilities of combining the industrialization and technological advancement in the kite making area.


During the live stream, many online audiences said that handmade kites are not only a toy; it shows the hard work of the maker. 

I wish every professional career can fly like a kite, flying to the higher sky!