Live Broadcast + Animation, Scienjoy Takes you to the Second Dimension

Published on : 30 April 2021

From May 1st to May 5th, Scienjoy will participate the 34th "Weibo IDO International Animation and Game Carnival" in the Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park. The activity is guided by Beijing Animation and Game Industry Association. Scienjoy will record the wonderful moments of the show as a special broadcast partner. The event will interact with participants via offline booths and hold online exhibition visits by anchors, taking netizens to tour the market with the camera and experience the exciting performances, and presenting the most fun animation and game carnival for the majority of users in real time.

"Weibo IDO International Animation Game Carnival" (hereinafter referred to as "IDO Comic Exhibition") is a well-known two-dimensional pan-entertainment platform in northern China. It is also a large-scale comprehensive exhibition of animation integrating the two-dimensional gathering, meeting new friends, meeting famous guests, exhibition and trial of new animation products, animation and game derivative product purchases and other entertainment interaction and viewing activities. The B+C exhibition integrates animation, games, cosplay culture, e-sports, two-dimensional film and television national style music and novels. Scienjoy is the leading mobile entertainment live broadcast platform in China, with approximately 250 million registered users and 300,000 anchors. It creates a unique content ecology with gamification thinking, builds a virtual world within the live broadcast scenario, and enhances the relationship both between anchors and between anchors and users. It has innovative exploration and practice in many fields such as live broadcast + medical beauty, live broadcast + e-commerce, live broadcast + MCN, live broadcast + public welfare, live broadcast + technology, live broadcast + culture, etc., and continues to deliver positive energy content to the users. The cross-border integration of the two parties will strongly empower each other's brand influence.

In recent years, the two-dimensional culture has gradually moved from a niche to the mainstream, and is fancied by an increasing number of young people. Scienjoy has already paid attention to the development of the two-dimensional field and the power of subculture, and has increased its integration with this field to produce more fresh and positive content, provide multiple value services for more young users, and improve the GMV and the retention rate of the platform. "Live + animation" enables IDO comic exhibition to break through offline venue restrictions, reach more two-dimensional enthusiasts through the platform, and also bring real-time viewing experience to users who can’t be there in person. While enriching the content of the platform, it allows users feel good. IDO Comic Exhibition also uses the resource advantages of Scienjoy to radiate the two-dimensional culture and content to more sticky platform communities, completing the closed loop of publicity for private and public domain traffic.

Prior to this, Scienjoy reached a cooperation with ChinaJoy Plus through the Damai Platform of Alibaba and became its partner in the pan-entertainment live broadcast industry. This cooperation with IDO Comic Exhibition is a firm proposition to further deepen the pan-entertainment field after participating in the ChinaJoy Plus Super Live. It is also an important measure for Scienjoy to create a "full mobile live broadcast ecosystem", and is its in-depth development and content in the industry. The beneficial attempts of continuous innovation in exploration have allowed it to further release the flow value of the platform in the field of pan-entertainment and digitalization, once again demonstrating the empowering effect of "live broadcast +". In the future, Scienjoy will also increase its integration with various fields, excavate high-quality content, and demonstrate corporate social value.