Scienjoy: Caring for Children with Hearing Impairment and Warming the Silent World

Published on : 31 May 2021

At the approaching of Children’s Day, the activity “Accompanying the Hearing Impaired Children to See the World” of the “Scienjoy’s Love to Help Education” was officially launched. This activity aims to help hearing impaired children get away from the silent world and better blend into society.It also calls for more attention on understanding hearing impaired children. Scienjoy will broadcast this event thoroughly.

This event was held at the China Children’s Center. Twelve hearing-impaired children participated various fun games such as fire drills, drawing the world in their eyes and Guinness World Records challenge etc., accompanied by Scienjoy’s volunteers. The children in the “quiet world” perceive the same world of healthy children through the activities. These activities increase their sense of integration and participation in the surrounding world and let them feel warm and caring. Meanwhile, the activities increase people’s understanding of hearing-impaired children and enhance people’s care for disadvantaged groups.

During the live broadcast, netizens actively participated in the interaction, learned about the rehabilitation knowledge of hearing impairment and expressed their care for these hearing impaired children. The netizens commented that "I also want to be a volunteer", "Accompanying is also a manifestation of love.", "Such activities should be held more" and "The equal treatment is essential for the hearing-impaired children’s integrating into the society"...

In addition, Scienjoy sent gifts to these children, warming the silent world with love and actions, and accompany them through a memorable Children's Day.

As the saying goes, “Gathering sand into a tower, standing water into an abyss.” For a long time, Scienjoy has always been adhering to a strong sense of social responsibility and mission, actively organizing and participating in various public welfare activities, practicing social responsibility through practical actions, serving the disadvantaged groups, letting public welfare enter the enterprise, and warming the society with love .