The Broadcaster’s story | Wenjing: Come back again with clear direction

Published on : 26 August 2021

The live broadcast industry seems to be less competitive than it is. People can become a celebrity in a night while there are also ones who gain little attention. Some of them attract followers by playing to the gallery, while others may be both ordinary and firm. There exist both frustration and hope in the industry…

In the live broadcast industry, there is always newcomers and leavers, which make the industry fluctuating. Wenjing, a former fresh, returned. After four years of persistence, she has already known what she wants.

2016 is said to be the birth year of live broadcast. Many live broadcast websites have sprung up. Lehitv is a participant and a survivor of that era. Among thousands of broadcast platforms, it attracted Wenjing by virtue of its own advantages. Live broadcast was the hottest industry at that time, "grassroots star" and "overnight fame" ... Wenjing was also moved by this image. She quitted her job and became a broadcaster of the platform, ready to do a good job.

There is no immediate success, only unrealistic fantasy. Live broadcast is not as easy as presumed. People need to find their directions, take continuous actions, and work hard.

The first time when she broadcast in the company's cubicle, she looked at herself on the screen and felt herself quite different from her imagination. She often takes selfies and has many admirers and pursuers. While in the live shot, the beauty, special effects, lighting, and lens angle are completely different from before. If she was not careful, she could not truly and perfectly show her charm. As a broadcaster, she should not only always pay attention to her own image, but also should know how to interact well with the audience, which requires the talent of the broadcaster and the ability to control the field temporarily. After a day's live broadcast, she had a bunch of questions: What should I do when there is no audience in the live broadcast room? How to interact with the audience? How to express and perform naturally? Why do other broadcasters have so many fans?

Even a new broadcaster who has signed contract with a company will need to find his/her own solution.

At the beginning, she didn’t know how to do it, and the effect of live broadcast far from ideal, which was not the same as expected before entering the business. Even if she broadcast from 9: 00 a.m. to 6: 00 p.m. every day, the nine-hour live broadcast only brought little gains. The suspicion of "whether I will become popular " came to Wenjing's mind again.

There were many broadcasters in the company, most of whom were young and beautiful girls like her. They live broadcast in the cubicle every day. The decoration of each cubicle is similar, but these small rooms carried the energetic and positive power of these girls and the dreams that everyone made at the beginning.

It's loneliness after the noise as well as frustration came after uncertainty that made Wenjing unable to be asleep in the night. Once, she was lying on the floor of the company's live broadcast room with dropped makeup, listening to the music coming from the live broadcast room next door ... Her heart gradually became clear. She and other girls shared the dream to become a broadcaster. On their way to realize the dream, they could not be bold and unconstrained, but could only be down-to-earth. It is her constant insistence to “find her own way in the live broadcast industry".

Before entering the industry, Wenjing thought that live broadcasting was a competition of opportunity and popularity. Only after that did she know that there were persistence and waiting before the opportunity. After adapting to the tepid popularity, she gradually relaxed her mind and continued to lengthen the live broadcast time from 4 pm to midnight every day. Keep the best effort, and time finally will speak for the dream. This is lucky and inevitable. After a period of training, Wenjing finally achieved good results, and had been in the top three positions of the whole station a period.

There is no surprise of becoming famous overnight, but there is a joy of unremitting persistence.

Wenjing paid special attention to this hard-won popularity, and the broadcaster level was regarded by her as a status symbol. However, with the entrance of more excellent broadcasters, the competition in the industry became more and more obvious. The popularity of Wenjing’s live broadcast room was declining, and fans began to decrease. It was incredible that every glorious thing disappears like clouds. Her initial insist was tortured by reality.

Wenjing felt that she needed to stop. After careful consideration, she decided to stop live broadcasting. In the past year, Wenjing didn't dare to look at the Lehitv. But occasionally she received private messages and care from fans. For just a few moments, she felt that she really had entered the live broadcast industry. These warm concerns and interactions were like a lamp, illuminate her way forward. Finally, Wenjing decided to start broadcasting again after a whole year.

"Now I don't have such a strong sense of gain and loss. Before I stopped broadcasting, my mentality was very bad. Although I understand the truth that' no one can remain the best for thousands of days, just as no flower can be vivid for hundreds of days', it is still hard to accept that it really happened to me. There are too many unrealistic fantasies in this world, and there is too much helplessness. But I can't lose the ability to chase dreams. If my heart is strong enough, I can find my own direction on the road of live broadcast. "

Treat things with sincerity, and the breeze comes. Wenjing returns to the peak, once again enters the top three position of broadcasters, and wins the honor of runner-up of idol group in the Spring War of 2021.

It's as if everything backs to the time when she first entered the business. Wenjing is still the girl with dreams and respect as well as expectation towards live broadcast.