Scienjoy’s Dimention-breaking Cooperation Continues to Provide High-quality Content

Published on : 24 December 2021

From Oct. 1st to Oct. 7th, Scienjoy will participate the 36th "Weibo IDO International Animation and Game Carnival" (hereinafter referred to as IDO Carnival) in Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park. This activity is guided by Beijing Animation and Game Industry Alliance. As a media partner, Scienjoy as well as Showself will record and stream this event, taking netizens to tour the carnival and experience the charm of the second dimension. Loushi is also invited as our cooperative partner.

This years IDO36 will hold IDO ACG tenth anniversary special celebration, the three-pits (Hanfu, Lolita, JK uniform) fashion show, ACG electro music carnival and other events, covering gaming, animation, two-dimentional derivatives, fashion and many other fields. Scienjoy will interact with netizens who cannot participate in person via offline booths and hold online exhibition visits by streamers, taking them to enjoy the brilliant subculture entertainment carnival. Scienjoy will also invite a special guest, its cooperative partnerLoushis cultural, travel, and subcultural KOLs to promote the activity. It will also open an "live + animation" topic to attract netizens and continue to build up this event, providing high-quality content.

IDO Carnival is a well-known two-dimensional pan-entertainment platform in northern China. It is also a large-scale comprehensive exhibition of animation integrating the two-dimensional gathering, meeting new friends, meeting famous guests, exhibition and trial of new animation products, animation and game derivative product purchases and other entertainment interaction and viewing activities. The B+C exhibition integrates animation, games, cosplay culture, e-sports, two-dimensional film and television national style music and novels. Scienjoy is the leading mobile entertainment live broadcast platform in China. It builds a strategic blueprint of full mobile live broadcast ecosystem, covering cultural recreation, e-commerce and MCN. Scienjoy currently operates five live streaming platforms, consisting of: Showself, Lehai, Haixiu, Mifeng, and BeeLive for international markets, with more than 250 million registered users in total. Loushi provides full-platform marketing solutions for brand owners, with seven years experience, it has been the most representative and a leading new media brand. This live broadcast + animation + KOL dimension-breaking cooperation is another content practice after Scienjoys cooperation with IDO Carnival in May this year, as well as an important measure to keep exploring and planning new content and new marketing methods in the field of cultural recreation.

Beside its cross-border cooperation with IDO Carnival, Scienjoy has been expressing its own voice in the field of pan-entertainment. Prior to this, Scienjoy reached a cooperation with ChinaJoy Plus through the Damai Platform of Alibaba and became its partner in the pan-entertainment live broadcast industry. It has innovative exploration and practice in many fields such as live broadcast + medical beauty, live broadcast + e-commerce, live broadcast + MCN, live broadcast + public welfare, live broadcast + technology, live broadcast + culture, etc., and continues to deliver positive energy content to the users as well as forming a younger and trendier brand identity.