Hello, New Era! - Showself Entertainment’s Cultural Journey

Published on : 18 May 2018

On May 15th, the first live broadcast of “Hello, New Era! – Promote Culture Treasure • Building the Confidence of Power Country” was jointly hosted by Showself Entertainment and Guangming.com. It was conducted under the instruction of the Central Network Office of the Mobile Administration. The topic focused on China’s paper-cut art. During the live broadcast, the host interviewed paper-cut art expert Xiao Li, who is known widely as " Hedong First Cutter". Showself Live, Lehai Live, Haixiu Live, Hongle Live and Beeshow Live are subordinate to Showself Entertainment; they all broadcasted the whole activity. The audience showed great interest in paper-cut art and used the interactive part to gain as much information as possible.

Paper cutting is not strange for many people. As a folk culture, paper-cut art has a thousand-year worth of history. It has accumulated profound humanistic aspects in it in the course of historical development. Paper-cutting is not only records of the people's longing for a better life, but also a mark of the development of national culture.

As the representative inheritor of cultural heritage, paper-cutting expert Jianxiao Li was invited to the first live broadcast. She has been awarded many competitions and titles, amongst others; of “Hedong First Cutter”, “Outstanding Inheritor of Chinese Folk Art”, “Master of Folk Art” and so on. The two works, "Hedong Marriage Customs" and "Hedong Spring Festival Customs".  In the live broadcast, she introduced the history and culture of paper-cutting, shared the learning process of paper-cutting and performed the paper-cutting on the spot for the audience.

In the live broadcast, many netizens expressed their desire to learn paper-cutting. Jianxiao Li also admitted that the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage really needs everyone's joint efforts. To maintain and expand the survival and development of intangible cultural heritage, it is necessary to encourage and attract more people to join the inheritance and achieve sustainable protection.

Live broadcast is a popular way of communication for young people. The organic combination between traditional culture and a live broadcast can enrich the type of content in the platform and also let more people appreciate the charm of traditional culture. "The Beauty of the Quintessence of Chinese Culture" drama live broadcasted by Showself Entertainment in November 2017 was unanimously recognized by netizens and experts of the culture. Victor, the CEO of Showself, conducted an interview on the topics of "Topics in Focus" in January 2018. In April 2018, Showself Entertainment launched the campaign called “I am the Spokesperson of my hometown.” Many users introduced the scenery, products, and specialties of their respective hometowns. They also displayed the intangible cultural heritages such as hometown customs and traditional handicrafts.

There are still many profound and traditional cultures in our country waiting to be discovered and passed on. Showself Entertainment will continue to work hard on “Live + Culture” in order to do so.