Feel The Charm of Sugar Figurine

Published on : 26 October 2018

Sugar figurine is a kind of Chinese traditional folk art. It is known to be expressive and full of good intentions. Today, we got a precious opportunity to understand it thoroughly by meeting sugar figurine expert, Zhang Baolin. We got to her to introduce this cultural heritage to us.

Cultural heritage is an expression of Chinese traditional culture. An increasing number of young people and foreigners are curious about it. In this live stream, a foreigner admitted he has admired it for a long time and came to learn how to make a sugar figurine himself.

During the live stream, there were many exquisite sugar figurines representing some classic characters. They are life-like and very realistic. It is not difficult to imagine that the expert has spent a lot of time and effort to create it.

Some audiences were curious about the process of the making of the figurine. Therefore, in the next part, the expert started to create the figure. The audience were all intrigued and feel privileged to see it first hand. It has broadened their horizons about culture and feeds their curious minds

Life is like a lump of dough, you can create its purpose by yourself! Hope everyone can create their own wonderful life!