Cultural Heritage on the Table, Embrace the Food Culture of The Manchu!

Published on : 25 October 2018

On the 24th, we went to the Manchu village near Changshao Camp to experience cultural heritage in a form of Manchu food culture.

If there is anything that can connect our mind and body, it should be the food. Manchu cuisine is delicious and is a form of Chinese traditional culture.


At 16 o’clock, our studio for “Meet the intangible cultural heritage again” program  was full of Manchu style decorations. It resembles the scene in the “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace” and “Story of Yanxi Palace”. Having Manchu cuisine in such a beautiful place is an unforgettable experience for everyone. 


After seeing a variety of Manchu culture, the teacher brought us to the kitchen and demonstrated the demo for Manchu-style cuisine; such as bacon, yellow rice, and pancake. The smell was so good! People watching from their mobile screen can practically smell it.

The most important part of Manchu cuisine is the “28 seats” aspect . They displayed the cold dish and hot dish together with exquisite dishes and plates. It was so incredible! 


Listening to the teacher’s life story while eating the “28 seats” is very enjoyable. The audience were disappointed that they cannot eat along with the stream.  Some audiences were very keen to try the dishes themselves; they remember the dishes nam. Manchu cuisine will never let you down!