You must have seen plenty of magic shows. Have you ever heard of a Chinese trick show called “GuCai”?

Published on : 27 October 2018

You must have seen plenty of magic shows.  Have you ever heard of a Chinese trick show called “GuCai”?  A live stream platform titled "See The Intangible Cultural Heritage Again" feature this kind of trick to its audience. The tricks were performed by an expert of the trick Tian Xueming.

Some magic shows avoided being seen entirely by audiences. However, this Chinese trick show is transparent, allowing the audience to see it from all angles. At the beginning of the show, the expert performed a trick called "Fairy Pick Beans." The trick was incredibly mesmerizing and incredible. Some of the audiences even approach the stage to take a closer look on it. They cannot identify any flaws nor trickery concealed. Online audiences were all amazed and impressed by the performance.

Our curious host learned a trick on the scene. She followed the expert to cut handkerchief, leaving a big hole in it. However, later on, the handkerchief was revealed to poses no hole on it. Online audiences all laughed and commented: Gucai tricks look easy but so difficult to be learned!

Online audiences were all excited. They showered the stream with praises and gifts. It shows their fondness and interest with the GuCai trick. The expert then drew a lottery for a gift; It was such a coincidence that the first draw was a prize with the writing “I love you”.

During the interview, the expert shared his own life story. He has learned Hebei Bangzi, martial arts, and Gucci tricks. He has also been getting up early to practice Kung Fu. He said that Kung fu is the foundation of GuCai tricks. Audiences all admired him more after they heard his experiences.

Our Chinese GuCai trick is not only a wonderful show but also full of cultural connotation. The show always has a good message and well-liked by many audiences. Many people said that this type of cultural heritage can make our life better and must be protected.