The Hu Opera "Daughter of Dunhuang " on show in Peking University; Mao Shanyu sings "Zizhu Tune "

Published on : 23 November 2018

Recently, the Shanghai Theatre conducted a play titled  "Dunhuang Daughter" and held a tour guide at Peking University. It was hosted by the Mobile Network Administration of the Central Network Office and Xiuyi Entertainment and It was also broadcasted live, titled "Hello, New Era - China The play, Pick Me".

In the live broadcast room of the show, Shanghai Theatre’s Dean, Mao Shanyu sang a section of "Zizhu Tune", attracting positive reactions from netizens.

"Dunhuang Daughter" is a work full of emotions which showcases the Communists' firm belief and culture. The drama is funded by the National Art Foundation and based on “Dunhuang”, the important part of civilizations in “Belt and Road” initiative. The third director of the Dunhuang Academy, Fan Jinshi, has been in the Gansu for 50 years and devoted his life to research. 

The generation of Dunhuang people who adhered to the ideals of the Ming Dynasty vividly and truly portrayed the people who are active in the forefront of reformation. They demonstrate Shanghai's spirit at the time and showed cultural confidence.

On the same day, Shanghai Theatre Dean Mao Shanyu, director Zhang Manjun, literature director Liu Jinyun, drama actor Xu Dun, along with the third director of the Dunhuang Academy also visited the scene. Some netizens once commented, "you can now see the well-preserved grottoes and murals that are preserved in Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes because of this old man!". Dean Mao Shanyu said that when they talked about the past, Mr. Fan smiled very well.

Mr. Fan uttered a sentence: "Lao Peng (Fan Jinshi's husband) also said that I laughed a lot and looked happy." The audience applauded.

At the scene, Mr. Fan Jinshi's friends - archaeology teachers and students asked Fan Jinshi some questions, to which he answered with his own experience. At the end of the event, several students and Dean Mao Shanyu learned Shanghai dialect and sang "Zizhu Tune". One student from Japan expressed his love for Shanghai opera and Dunhuang. The beautiful melody of Shanghai opera has also moved him.

Xiuyue Entertainment Live Team has traveled through Beijing, Shandong, Hubei, Fujian and other places to conduct live webcasts of various dramas such as this one and Zhanhua Fishing Drum, Chu Opera, Shanghai Opera, Huai Opera and Zhu Xian Opera to promote Chinese traditional opera.