Scienjoy Entering Fayuan Temple and Livestreaming Lilac Poetry & Writing Gala

Published on : 11 April 2021

On the afternoon of April 10th, poets, artists, calligraphers, painters, and people from all walks of life gathered in the Fayuan Temple in Beijing. The Beijing Fayuan Temple 20th Lilac Poetry Gala and 16th Lilac Writing Gala was hosted by the Xicheng District Party Committee Propaganda Department, Xicheng District Culture and Tourism Bureau, Xicheng District Niujie Street Working Committee Office and Beijing Fayuan Temple and was undertaken by Xicheng District Xuannan Cultural Research Association and Niujie National Painting and Calligraphy Institute. It was held in Fayuan Temple, an ancient temple with a thousand years of history. The platforms of Scienjoy (Showself Live, Lehi Live, Hixiu Live, Beeshow Live), and the strategic cooperation platform Hongle TV live streamed throughout the whole process, aroused a warm response from most netizens.

The 20th Fayuan Temple Lilac Poetry & the 16th Lilac Writing Gala was themed as "Sailing by the South Lake, Pursuing Dreams of a New Era". The event was also a fine art class of party history and culture in Xicheng District and one of the series of recitation activities "Learning Party History, Praising Centennial Achievements".

Accompanied by the refreshing cloves, artists such as Yin Zhiguang, Mi Nanyang, Kan Lijun, Hao Jinming, Li Xuliang, Wang Yuebo, Ying Ning, Mi Ou, etc. have all appeared on stage, generously speaking, and presented well-known classic poems to the audience. This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Niujie Baiguang Road Community Recitation Art Troupe, Tianqiao Poetry Club, Xinjing Recitation Art Troupe, Taiping Style Recitation Art Troupe presented the works of "Return to Jinggangshan", "Beautiful China", "Red Plum Praise" and "Capitalized China" and others. They cherished the fighting spirits of the revolutionary martyrs and expressed the firm belief of following the party and the heartfelt voice of the masses of all ethnic groups to enter the new era and the new century under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.

At the site of the Lilac Writing Gala in front of the Pilu Temple, the calligraphy and painting artists from the Niujie National Painting and Calligraphy Institute, together with members of the community calligraphy and calligraphy groups and community residents, wield splash ink to paint and write about their deep love for the party and the country.

Scienjoy entered Fayuan Temple, live streamed the 20th Lilac Poetry Conference & the 16th Lilac Writing Gala for netizens, decorated the live streaming room with elegant art, allowed excellent traditional culture to enter the lives of netizens, and demonstrates its promotion of the charming Chinese culture. The firm determination of cultural charm is also one of its ways to actively explore and practice social responsibility. Live streaming is the area of expertise of Scienjoy. In the future, Scienjoy will continue to combine patriotism, love for the party, social positive energy, etc. with live streaming, and continue to output high-quality content.