Traditional opera, hand in hand, live webcast, practice and innovation

Published on : 02 November 2017

On November 2nd, the "Internet Live - Peking Opera, Kunqu Opera, Pingju, Hebei Bangzi and other traditional Chinese opera arts talent exchange platform" sponsored by the Beijing Culture and Art Foundation and hosted by the Beijing Network Culture Association and Showself was launched live on Showself.

In recent years, with the popular broadcast of "A pulpit" and "Chinese Poetry Conference", Chinese traditional culture has become a new trend. The live webcast has also been in full swing. It allows traditional culture to have new channels of communication, and to add charm to the live platform.

It is understood that the beauty of the Chinese quintessence from November 2nd to November 5th will be started soon. Young actors of the Jingju Opera will be greeted by the  actor Bai Jin; the national first-class actor of Kunqu Yuan Guoliang, Sun Luyang; outstanding young actors of Jingju Opera, Dou Xiaoxuan, and other opera experts. A live broadcast will be conducted to enable interaction with viewers and shows them the beauty of the country.

Live broadcast + opera moves the stage of traditional drama culture to the Internet live broadcast platform. It tells the story of Chinese opera on the live broadcast platform, providing new channels for the spread of opera culture, and providing fresh content for the live broadcast platform of “Full Screen Female Host.” The source provides new ideas for the development of the live broadcast platform