Traditional culture broadcasts "circle powder" in the showself.

Published on : 03 November 2017

On November 2nd, the Jingju Opera’s outstanding young actor Bai Jin; who is the student of famous Jingju Opera performance artist Mr. Mei Baojiu and the famous Jingju Opera performance artist Yun Yanming’s granddaughter, appeared on the showself platform. She attracted large amount of viewers. At this particular occasion, it is apparent that  the traditional culture and the new format of the live webcast shows a beautiful combination.

At 16:00 for the 2nd, the show officially began. In the live broadcast of the past two hours, Bai Jin performed the selection of the Jingju Opera's innovative play "Da Jin Zhi" and the "Drunkenness of Guifei",  publicizing the basic knowledge about opera makeup and costumes to the netizens. She also showed "singing and playing" basic skills in drama. The live broadcast  attracted many viewers. Some netizens praised the traditional opera.

The live broadcast + the opera aims to raise awareness of this opera so that the opera culture with a long history can be passed down through the live broadcast of the website. It sets no  limitation to venue, region and cultural background. It has certainly influenced group of young people.

It is also known that  Showself invite national first-class actors of Kunqu Yuan Guoliang and Pingju opera actors Sun Luyang, Jingju Opera outstanding young actors Dou Xiaoxuan and other opera masters to their live broadcast