The Broadcaster’s Story | Yu Baoer: Behind the glory of online celebrity streamer, life does not need lying flat

Published on : 20 July 2021

“Showself 7th anniversary” artist competition best singer champion!

Yu Baoer looked at the final ranking on the computer screen and jumped up excitedly. This was the second time that she had won the championship in the competition of the live broadcast platform-Showself after the "Spring Competition" at the beginning of the year.

Her live broadcast lasted only one and a half years, but she made it from an unknown newcomer to the online celebrity broadcaster who won the championship again. Such achievements undoubtedly caused ridicule. Others only thought that she took advantage of the Internet, but she knew how hard she had worked behind these glories.

Walk out of comfort zone

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, Yu Baoer worked in Xiaogan, Hubei Province as an administrative worker and lived a stable life. The sudden outbreak caused the whole Hubei Province to press the pause button. Under the condition of citywide work from home, her administrative work centered on the company and employees could not go smoothly at all, which meant her salary was greatly reduced.

It's not Yu Baoer's character to muddle along. She began to look for a new way of working. Without much social experience, she didn't know what kind of work was not affected by COVID-19. After repeatedly browsing the recruitment website every day, a recruitment for broadcasters changed her life. The highly flexible time and location in live broadcasting not only sufficed the current environment, but also allowed her to arrange work more freely.

Yu Baoer had never been exposed to live broadcast and she had some stereotypes about this industry, which made her worry about becoming a broadcaster. During this period, the operators of Bingdian Union (the union that publishes recruitment information) patiently told Yu Baoer about the development course and trend of the live broadcast industry, explained the platform of Showself and the supporting policies for the broadcasters, relieving Yu Baoer's sense of insecurity of entering a new field and enhancing her confidence. The operators also carefully explained in detail what the broadcasters should do, encouraging her to be confident, be herself and convey happiness. After some communication and study, Yu Baoer tried the internal broadcast for 30 minutes, which was affirmed by the live broadcast operators. "Yu Bao er is not bad." When someone just finished the sentence, she had made up her mind to fight in the field of live broadcast.

New success

Overcoming the tension in front of the camera is the first required skill.

At the beginning, Yu Baoer's eyes often wavered, meaning she was afraid to look directly into the camera. And she often bit his lips in front of the camera. Under the guidance of the operators, she understood that she should position herself as a star broadcaster in heart with self-awareness. Then can she share things calmly in front of the camera and affect others with the true feelings naturally.

"Familiarity with the content of the platform and provision of valuable services for users" is the second required skill for the growth of broadcasters.”

The activities and contents of Showself are extremely rich. Senior players gather there. To adapt to the live broadcast and create topics more quickly, Yu Baoer studied various rules of the game one by one, so that she could talk with senior players without pressure in the live broadcast room and provide game explanations and strategies for new players. "I am not a person who can master quickly, but it is worth spending time studying for my new career and fans who love me." Yu Baoer said.

After continuous research, try and review, in the sixth month of live broadcast, there were a group of "passionate fans" in the live broadcast room, which once had few audiences. However, Yu Baoer was uneasy when she made such progress. She felt that she must be better to bring a better experience to the audience.

So, she began to learn how to dance to enrich herself. However, Yu Baoer had no experience for dancing, so she complained about managing expressions, controlling limbs, and mastering beats. Even so, she never missed dance classes for at least three days a week. Time won't live up to those who work hard. Gradually, Yu Baoer got the center position in the dance class and gained more and more fans in the live broadcast room. Nowadays, for her, dancing not only makes her master the profession better, but also becomes a way for her to relax.

Behind glory

In the just concluded "Seventh Anniversary of Showself" competition, Yu Baoer once again won the champion of the best singer group in the single event of actors. There are countless efforts behind the success. Yu Baoer also received some people's doubts when she gained appreciation.

Why is she again? With her hard work and heart in doing this job.

After a broadcast, Yu Baoer suddenly suffered from acute gastroenteritis. Under the high fever of 38.5℃, she vomited and felt weak. The pain caused by gastrointestinal spasm was like a hand violently stirring in her stomach. Her family rushed her to the hospital. In the corridor of the hospital, the cold liquid flowed into the arm along the hose, and the spasm of the stomach was finally alleviated. A second before she closed my eyes, Yu Baoer was still thinking about what to broadcast the next day.

Although Yu Bao Er's parents are distressed, they understand and support her dedication to work.

Yu Baoer has been growing up in a very loving environment. Her father is very kind and is the first teacher on her career path. Once Yu Baoer was caught in the rain on the way from work, and she was in a low mood when she got home, so she got into a temper when facing her family. Her father called her to look through the window, pointing to the delivery man riding in the heavy rain downstairs, and told her with earnest heart: "Everyone must endure hardships and difficulties. When you reach out and eat delicious dinner at home, he is still struggling in the heavy rain. Losing your temper is only a temporary catharsis. Knowing how to converge your temper is a lifelong cultivation. " Father's words made Yu Baoer know how to endure. Open-mindedness in life and respect for profession are the words of her father and the faith of Yu Baoer.

This open-mindedness and respect were also brought to the live broadcast by Yu Baoer. Therefore, when Yu Bao Er had an acute gastroenteritis attack and had to stop broadcasting, her fans swore: "When you recover, my gift will only be left to you. You can make me feel more real and happy."

For Yu Baoer, the administrative work gives her calmness and tranquility, while the live broadcast brings rich and gorgeous colors to her life.

Fearless to success, fearless to face challenges, daring to walk out of comfort zone and meet more possibilities exemplify the wonderful life of Yu Baoer.