Scienjoy’s Creation of Webcast Platform Empowering New Model of Rural Revitalization

Published on : 08 June 2021

Under the perspective of new media communication, livestreaming has quickly and widely been included in people's work and life because of its convenience, interaction, and whole scene. Webcast, which originated from the consumption of pan-entertainment content, is increasingly expanding into a wider range of fields such as information, art, and economy. At the same time, with the help of live webcasts, more and more rural specialties, delicious food, and beautiful scenery are promoted and spread.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, live broadcast has become an important channel for agricultural products sales and have made great contributions in poverty alleviation and rural development. "Live broadcasts help farmers" once became a hot topic in the implementation of rural revitalization strategy. With its huge user group and extensive influence, webcasting is becoming a new window to show the image of the countryside and has played an active role in promoting the rural economic revitalization and strengthening the publicity of the rural mental outlook.

As one of the most influential webcasting platforms at present, Scienjoy has created a variety of live broadcast forms such as "live broadcast+public welfare" and "live broadcast+homestay" in recent years, which provides a useful reference for the new livebroadcast platform to empower rural revitalization.

Plan large-scale live broadcast activities to help rural revitalization

As one of the largest live broadcasting platforms with 250 million users, Scienjoy has been committed to boosting rural revitalization and agricultural cultural heritage protection and practicing socialist core values. Recently, Scienjoy launched the activity of "Welcome Beautiful Countryside and Moderately Prosperous Society ", which covered platforms including Showself, Lehitv, Haixiutv and Beeshow. These platforms invited streamers and users through multiple channels, and by using various formats including live broadcast, video, text, and pictures to depict the rural revitalization exemplified by industrial revitalization, talent revitalization, cultural revitalization, ecological revitalization, and organizational revitalization. For example, on April 15, 2021, Scienjoy, in conjunction with Lei Theater, a well-known drama team, launched the activities in the beautiful countryside in the homestay in Yingpan Village, Yanqing, Beijing to celebrate the happy life at the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC with immersive drama performance and revolutionary classic works. This cross-border live broadcast was a new attempt of Scienjoy to help rural revitalization and promote "live broadcast+homestay", which has practically fulfilled the goal clearly put forward in the outline of the national "14th Five-Year Plan": to promote the integration of culture and tourism, and to expand characteristic industries such as leisure agriculture, rural tourism, and homestay economy. It also enables the netizens to truly feel the great changes in the rural areas of China and enables the whole society to form a good atmosphere of paying attention to and helping rural revitalization, which shows that the live broadcast platform’s determination to fulfill its social responsibilities as an organic component of emerging media.

Actively explore the "Blue Sea(which means the unknown market with huge potential)" of live broadcast to help rural economic development

Since the publishment of rural revitalization strategy, Scienjoy has made timely adjustments, and actively explored new forms and means of promoting rural revitalization through live broadcasting. From May 26 to May 28, Scienjoy participated in a series activities of "Wall Painting Boosts Rural Revitalization" with "Beautiful Village Wall Painting in the Spring of Aershan" as the main content, which took place in Xikou Village in Aershan, Inner Mongolia Province. "The Aershan Village Wall Painting Art Competition" aims to use wall painting as a carrier to depict beautiful countryside, draw a better life, further beautify the village appearance, enhance the rural civilization, build an artistic village, and boost rural revitalization. It helps form of a hotspot for photographing, as a tourist attraction, surrounding people and wall painting art lovers to observe and experience, and can also create a good atmosphere for celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC.

Besides, bearing the main theme of the activity, Scienjoy donated publicity and live broadcast equipment to the local area to better help publicize and display the beauty of local countryside. The donation has played an important role in stimulating the consumption upgrade of rural culture, promoting rural entrepreneurship and reemployment, and accelerating the optimization of rural economic structure.

With the realization of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and the new journey of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, a number of live broadcasting platforms, represented by Scienjoy, have effectively activated the resources and markets in the vast rural areas through various forms of live broadcasts including cultural tourism promotion, rural folk customs experience and agricultural products sharing, which completed the transformation of rural cultural advantages and resource advantages into economic development. The live broadcast platform is believed to be more promising in exploring the combination of rural revitalization and live broadcasting.