Streamer Story | Adbaby: They’re Her Indispensable Support after One Year of Livestreaming

Published on : 20 February 2023

It has been one year since Adbaby started livestreaming on Lehai. During the year after becoming a streamer, Adbaby has met like-minded friends, and polished herself into a patient and unrushed person.

The motivation that keeps Adbaby livestreaming is inseparable from her own efforts, as well as the support from her family, friends and agency.

Support from Family

As a child, Adbaby had an outgoing and lively personality, and was good at expressing and communicating. Especially when facing the camera, Adbaby's natural expression without stage fright always made her the focus. It was precisely because of this that young Adbaby was encouraged by her mother to participate in Beijing TV's young host selection, and successfully passing the audition, she did not let her mother down.

But after she grew up, Adbaby did not choose to be a TV host, and instead, started her own business after graduation. She opened a clothing store and worked as sales assistant. No matter what profession she chose, her mother was always supporting and encouraging her to keep going.

Purely by accident, Adbaby came to know virtual currency at a time of strong tailwinds. After learning from a broker for some time, the smart girl quickly earned her first pot of gold.

However, investment always means potential risk. The roller-coaster-like market made Adbaby lose almost all her wealth. In just one night, she fell into the bottom of her life, but luckily, her mother stayed by her side and guided her out of the adversity.

Later, Adbaby came to know the livestreaming industry. When she first became a streamer, she told her mother the news in hesitation. To her surprise, her mother confided in the choice, supported her to develop in the industry, and even encouraged her by saying: A child like you, who is straightforward and articulate, has the right gift for a streamer. You definitely have a promising future in this industry.

Adbaby, who is now thriving in the livestreaming business, has lived up to her mother's expectations.

Support from Friends

Adbaby considers herself a lucky girl. On her first day as a streamer that featured disorganized performance and language, she met her first friend that she got to know through livestreaming. On that day, the friend signed up to become Adbabys die-hard fan, giving her great encouragement and confidence.

Very soon, Adbaby, with a bright personality, adapted to the rhythm of livestreaming and blended well with fans in her livestreaming session. Just like the Chinese ancient legend of Oath of the Peach Garden, two users from livestreaming sessions became her brother-like friends. The two brothers accompanied Adbaby through her early stage of streamer career, supporting her along the journey to becoming an outstanding streamer on the platform.

Adbaby also met a like-minded bestie via livestreaming. Online, the two interacted with each other through live chat from time to time; and offline, they also hanged out together quite often, going shopping, watching movies, and sharing good things they bought like other confidants, as if there were always endless things to talk about.

Thanks to her outspoken personality, Adbaby keeps making new friends through livestreaming. In her one-year streamer career, she not only treats the audience as her fans, but also regards them as close friends that she can open her heart to she likes to interact with them, and is willing to share and chat with them.

Support from Agency

Adbaby has always been grateful to her streamer agency, Biyi Media. For her, the agency is like a second home filled with warmth and energy.

Most of the streamers that the agency contracts are of the same age, and the agency is more than happy to teach these young and positive girls how to become better streamers and better people. Whenever festivals and holidays come, the agency will always prepare small gifts to surprise and heart-warm the girls.

Adbaby remembers that when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its worst, the agency chief provided streamers with free accommodation at his own expense and ensured adequate supply of daily necessities. The agency accommodated not only contracted streamers, but also their pets.

"At that time, there were more than 20 cats and more than 10 dogs in the agency. It was very lively and everyone didn't feel panic at all when staying in the agency."

When not streaming, Adbaby is either working out, or on the way to the gym. Keeping fit is also her secret to maintaining a good attitude and a perfect streaming state.

Always eager for success, Adbaby hopes that one day she can become one of the platforms top-tier streamers, and that when others talk about her, her name will stand for recognition and higher expectations. And with everyone's support, she will work even harder to further thrive in the livestreaming industry.

Life is not necessarily about how high you fly or how far you travel. But even if your strength seems to be meager, you will still be able to shake the world as long as you find your own pillar and leverage.