Scienjoy Platforms Invited to Attend Signing Ceremony of Major Investment Projects in Hangzhou’s Yuhang District

Published on : 28 February 2023

Recently, Yuhang District in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province successfully held its 2022Q4 signing ceremony and advancement meeting for major investment projects. Thanks to large investment scale, good development prospects, and strong driving role, Scienjoy, as part of the Liangzhu Digital Culture Community, was chosen as a representative to attend the signing ceremony. On the event day, a total of 78 high-quality projects were signed, representing a total investment of more than RMB 50 billion and covering multiple sectors such as digital economy, high-end equipment manufacturing, and high-end service industry.

Since 2022, the Liangzhu Digital Culture Community has adhered to the development philosophy of "integration between digital, culture and community", focusing on digital cultural industries such as gaming, animation, and film and television as the key development directions. It is committed to developing a "new highland for China's digital cultural and creative industries, as well as a Chinese role model of future digital culture community". The execution of the community’s newly-signed investment projects will boost the acceleration of industrial agglomeration, the improvement of industrial capacity, and the expansion of business scale.

Scienjoy’s self-owned platforms Showself and Haixiu as well as strategic investment platform Banyou were all among representative companies attending the signing ceremony: with a solid foothold in the livestreaming industry for many years, Showself has always pursued technological innovation and experience upgrading – it was recently named a "2022 Beijing Enterprise of Core Software Competitiveness (Innovative Style)" by the Beijing Software and Information Service Industry Association; focusing on the exploration and practice of the "Livestreaming +" model, Haixiu was included in the list of "2022 Zhongguancun Top-100 High-Growth Companies"; and as an emerging player in the livestreaming industry, Banyou has delivered extraordinary performance immediately after it was launched, and is expected to rank among the top-five players in China’s entertainment livestreaming category in 2023.

Building on unique strategic vision and business blueprint, Scienjoy posted robust financial results in the first three quarters of 2022, with revenue and operating profit increasing by 21.2% and 15.3% respectively. Achieving healthy revenue growth amid a challenging macroeconomic context is a testament to Scienjoy’s resilient business model and efficient team operation. In the future, Scienjoy will continue to expand investment in cutting-edge technologies and strengthen cooperation with other companies to build a livestreaming metaverse and develop the livestreaming ecosystem.