Showself entertainment meets the Intangible cultural heritage Unlock new ways of cultural communication

Published on : 02 November 2018

Focusing on the 19th National Congress, Showself participated in a project sponsored by the Beijing Culture and Art Foundation and hosted by the Beijing Network Culture Association, "Internet Live - Peking Opera, Kunqu Opera, Pingju, Hebei bangzi and other traditional opera arts talent exchange platforms". Showself organically combine traditional operas with Internet live broadcasts; allowing it to spread to more people online.

On November 2nd, the beauty of the quintessence of the country - the special part of the show was opened. It is understood that the live broadcast of the show will be on time from November 2 to November 1 at 16:0. Young actors of the Beijing Theatre, Bai Jin, the national first-class actor of Kunqu Yuan Guoliang, the Pingju actor Sun Luyang, the Jingju Theatre outstanding young actor Dou Xiaoxuan and other opera masters will talk in the live broadcast. Through live broadcast, viewers can interact with them and feel a connection with the host and culture they are presenting.

Showself has been committed to build the world's leading mobile Internet entertainment ecosystem. This time, it participated in the "Internet Live - Jingju Opera, Kunqu Opera, Pingju, Hebei Bangzi and other traditional Chinese opera arts talent exchange platform" project; aiming to promote the traditional culture and make a contribution in its preservation.

When the traditional culture meets the Internet live broadcast +, it will be advantageous union. It is breaking the restrictions on the number of people, venues, regions and cultures. The live broadcast + national quintessences gives Chinese traditional culture a way to be spread; especially in the younger demographic.

Feel the beauty of traditional culture and drama, and lock the Showself broadcast platform from November 2nd to November 5th.