Showself Entertainment: Beijing Literature and Art Network Poet Award and the side of the Chinese New Poetry Seminar

Published on : 31 October 2017

On the afternoon of October 28th, the 2017 Beijing Literature and Art Network Poet Award and the Chinese New Poetry Centennial Seminar were held in the Overseas Chinese Building of Wangfujing Street in Beijing. People from all relating art fields such as poets, scholars, and artists from all walks of life gathered for the grand ceremony of Showself Entertainment's Hongle TV broadcast live event.

The activity began with the 100-year seminar on Chinese New Poetry. The poets expounded their understanding of the new poetry from different perspectives and forecasted the development of new poetry. The poets also had a heated discussion on the development of new poetry, social background, relationship with ideological emancipation, stages of the new poetry development, comparison between the East and the West, and the prosperity of new poetry.

Mrs. Zheng Min won this year's poet award. She is a prominent figure in the poetry community. She occupies a particular position in the historical spectrum of the new poetry and represents an essential transition from modern Chinese poetry to contemporary poetry. Mrs. Zheng Min is "a daughter of the East and the West, a tough, independent thinker" whose poetry combines sensibility and intellectuality. The organizer's representative, the president of Beijing Literature and Art Network, and the artist Yang Lan introduced the organization of the event. Chinese and foreign people such as Rick O Shea, Jiang Ditong, Jiang Dizhen, and Wang Kuohai also recognize Mrs. Min's poetry. At the ceremony, matouqin performer YIlatu presented the original Mongolian matouqin for the poet's awards.

The nine-leaf poetries represented by Mrs. Zheng Min pay attention to the performance of the reality and exploration of the inner heart. Hongle TV is focusing on the culture and beautiful presentation of real life. In real life, whether it is poetry or live broadcast, the connection between people and things is firmly strengthened, and the relationship among people is expanded. The so-called life poetry, live pictures, and sounds bring surprises and emotions.

Content is bound to become the competition of the live broadcast industry in the era of entertainment. Showself Entertainment has made a clear strategic layout. At present, in addition to the Hongle TV, Showself Entertainment also has other platforms such as Lehai TV, Haixiu TV, and Beeshow TV.