Scienjoy's live broadcast of the national dance drama "Sichuan-Tibet·The Ancient Tea Horse Road", the protagonist's tenacious spirit moved the audience

Published on : 31 December 2020

On December 31, the [Red Classics] live broadcast series entered the National Centre for the Performing Arts, where a live rehearsal of the opera folk dance drama "Sichuan-Tibet Ancient Tea Horse Road" was performed. The series is directed by the Network News and Information Dissemination Bureau of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Office, hosted by, and exclusively supported by Scienjoy.The event was broadcasted on five live platforms of Scienjoy: Showself, Haixiu TV, Lehai TV, BeeLive and its strategic cooperation platform hongle Live.

"Sichuan-Tibet Ancient Tea Horse Road" is an original folk-dance drama jointly produced by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the Propaganda Department of the Ya'an Communist Party Committee of the Communist Party, the Ya'an Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, and the Sichuan Song and Dance Theater Co., Ltd. As a project funded by the National Art Fund, "Sichuan-Tibet Ancient Tea-Horse Road" sets its sights on this difficult tea-selling road without a "horse" and selects the unique image of "the person carrying tea" on the Sichuan-Tibet Ancient Tea-Horse Road. Based on the human transport of tea from Ya’an to Kangding on the Sichuan-Tibet Ancient Tea Horse Road during the Anti-Japanese War, this dance drama tells the love and hatred of the local people and demonstrates the extraordinary courage, open-minded tolerance and persevering character of the Sichuan people in multiple dimensions.

"Although he has gone, his spirit will live forever."This work is China's first dance drama based on the Sichuan-Tibet Ancient Tea-Horse Road, bringing the scene of ancient tea-horse civilization road with the highest terrain, the most dangerous mountain road, and largest traffic volume into the audience's world. This is not only a remembrance and tribute to the predecessors, but also a promotion of the national spirit of patriotism. It will also promote the integration and development of Sichuan's cultural tourism industry.

Live broadcasts of the series are planned to be performed in well-known theaters and troupes to help everyone understand the heroic stories and the spirit of the times behind classic operas from classic stage art. The live broadcast of "Sichuan-Tibet Ancient Tea-Horse Road" aims to make full use of this artistic achievement, expand Ya'an ‘s influence, showcase Sichuan's long and splendid history and culture, and let more people know and fall in love with Sichuan.

To disseminate classic dramas of the red revolution, promote regional cultural tourism, and showcase national culture, Scienjoy continues to use live broadcasts to continuously output high-quality content, tell stories of heroes of the times, and promote positive social energy. Next, Scienjoy will make more attempts in the dissemination and inheritance of the “red classics” and demonstrate the company's determination to fulfill social responsibilities with practical actions.