Scienjoy Held the "Cloud Annual Gala" to Exert Full Advantages of Live Streaming and to Fulfil Corporate Social Responsibility

Published on : 04 February 2021

On 2nd February, Scienjoy (stock code: SJ) held the "Cloud Annual Gala" with the theme of "Struggling, Breaking, and Bursting". This annual gala exerted full advantages of the live streaming platform, combining online and offline interactions. All its subsidiary brands and related business units have participated, including Showself Live, Lehi Live, Haixiu Live, Beeshow Live (a live streaming platform targeted for overseas markets) and so on.

Live Streaming of the Chinese New Year Gala and Innovative Content Ignited the Atmosphere of the Annual Gala

The "Cloud Annual Gala" adopts multiple offline sub-venues (like "temple fairs" and “annual gala performances") and online main venue in the live streaming. The gala invited multiple nonphysical heritage successors and traditional Chinese art performers to participate. The "Cloud Annual Gala" effectively avoided large-scale gathering of people, and meanwhile ensured the fun and participation of the annual gala. During the live streaming, different venues were effectively linked by videos, and employees conducted real-time barrage interaction in the public chat area, cheering crazily for the performers.

The atmosphere in the live streaming room was extremely active. Fully exerting the advantages of Scienjoy’s platform, a different online annual gala was presented with innovative gameplay. At the "Cloud Annual Gala", games such as "Lip King Fight" and "Golden Egg" were played and the technology like AI, AR, big data and others were also applied in the annual gala for the first time and played an important content supporting role in the annual gala.

In addition, in order to thank all the employees for sticking in their posts and creating extraordinarily in the past year, and to warm all the partners who voluntarily stayed in Beijing during the New Year holiday due to epidemic prevention, Scienjoy issued medals to relevant employees, and prepared multiple rounds of lucky draws, giving away physical gifts like iPhone 12 and cash vouchers.

Empowerment with Live Streaming and Fulfilment of Corporate Social Responsibility

At the "Cloud Annual Gala", Scienjoy released the "Scienjoy’s Vision" corporate CSR video, sharing a lot of moving content. Scienjoy launched live streaming with the topics of epidemic prevention, trainings, technology, culture, charity, poverty alleviation, and a series of live streaming activities such as "Cloud Life", "Cloud Fitness" and "Cloud Disco", etc. These activities increase the variety of content on the platform and demonstrate the original intention of Scienjoy to continuously deliver content with positive values and energy to the society in the meanwhile.

In 2020, Scienjoy launched high-quality live events such as "I Write Love Poems for My Hometown", "Red Classics", and "Poverty Alleviation by Law". These events have entered Tibet, Dali, Liangshan, Yanbian, Arshan and other places to build poverty alleviation channels, drive local employment and increase income level. In the meanwhile, it used gamification thinking to create a unique content ecology and used cutting-edge technology to create a virtual reality "Second Life World". Currently, it has launched four ‘worlds’: ‘Xiongtu Hegemony’, ‘Wuxia Jianghu’, ‘Galaxy Empire’, and ‘Sex and the City’, differentiating from the industry with refined operations. The platform has also planned various representative shows such as "Good Voice of Showself", "Dancing Talents", "Voice of Show Radio", "You Paint I Guess" and others to meet the increasing cultural and entertainment demand of users.

Prior to this, Scienjoy has begun to explore the integration of live streaming and e-commerce, MCN, aesthetic medicine, anchor training and other fields, continuously expanding the layout of pan-entertainment, and actively exploring businesses in the fields of voice dating, blind dating, video stranger socialization, etc. After 9 years of unremitting efforts, Scienjoy not only provides a stage for many ordinary people to show themselves, but also provides employment opportunities for millions of people. As a technology-driven entertainment company, Scienjoy has always insisted on its own original intention, which is to continuously output positive social value with the help of live streaming content and technical advantages.

While reviewing the results of 2020, the CEO of Scienjoy, Mr. Xiaowu He encouraged all employees to vigorously expand the new growth curve and extend the business reach while maintaining the steady growth of mature business lines. In the future, Scienjoy will continue to expand the two major sectors of entertainment and e-commerce in the business landscape, creating a self-contained and self-growing "mobile live streaming full ecology" closed loop. In practicing corporate responsibility, it will launch more high-quality content to deliver positive energy to the society, and to achieve a two-way achievement situation of corporate economic and social benefits.