Scienjoy participated in the 10th anniversary of the Beijing Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation as part of the firm’s commitment to the public welfare.

Published on : 11 September 2019

A few days ago, the 10th Anniversary of the Beijing Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation was held in Beijing. In alignment with the contribution for the public welfare and disabled community, Scienjoy was invited to participate, including Showself, Lehai TV, Haixiu TV, and partner platforms Hongle TV, Beeshow TV live broadcast event. The audience across all the aforementioned live broadcast platforms and representatives from disabled community watched this event.

The theme of the event is, “Life is exciting and there is no obstacle to the world”. It shows the spirit of the active disabled people in the capital. It summarizes the foundation’s work of helping the disabled in the past 10 years and actively provides the foundation for the past 10 years. Supporting organizations and individuals expressed their gratitude and even made plans for the next possible contribution for the disabled community.


We have always been consciously fulfilling our social responsibilities, and we have taken charity for the disabled community as an important way to give back to the society as it also represents a great value of perseverance. At the event, Scienjoy was awarded the honorary certificate of outstanding contribution from the Committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee and the Minister of the United Front Department. This is an acknowledgment for the commitment to public welfare and disabled community for many years.


In 2016, Scienjoy donated CNY 1.2 million to the foundation to set up a special fund for “Thinking and Listening to the World” to help children with hearing problems, surgery and operations, to install hearing equipment, perform rehabilitation training, and teach sign language to enhance smoother communication skills. At present, dozens of poor children with hearing impairment have received funding and received rehabilitation training.


Scienjoy has been actively exploring the combination of its own live broadcast business and public welfare assistance, so that the majority of netizens can understand the positive state of the disabled people, care for their work and life, and promote the importance of rehabilitation. In the future, we will not only launch the "Friendly exchanges between the community and the disabled people, realizing the dream of China - special performance of hero Shi Guangzhu's works", “Showself Award, The First Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Tea Cultural Competition for the Hearing-impaired People", "Scienjoy embraces championship and the spirit of the Paralympic into the community" and many other charity events showcase the life of the disabled community. Furthermore, for two consecutive years the company has hosted "Scienjoy Cup", “Beijing Youth Convergence Entrepreneurship Competition”, and co-create a platform for which aims to promote self-reliance, innovation and entrepreneurship of the disabled people. This is expected to help match high-quality resources among the disabled community to advance their careers.


Victor He, the CEO of Scienjoy, sent a 10th anniversary blessing in a video as he was unable to attend the event directly. He stated that the company will continue to participate in the public welfare programs and work closely with the Beijing Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation to provide assistance to the disabled community in the areas of employment, life, and education.