Scienjoy Launches Special Cross-Disciplinary Livestreaming Campaign to Help Users Discover Jingdezhen’s Charms of Porcelain

Published on : 08 August 2023

With favorable climate and soil comes greenware; and with kiln fire comes fine porcelain. For hundreds of years, the craftsman's skills and spirit behind ceramics have been polished and refined again and again, allowing the craft of making ceramics to pass down from generation to generation... Recently, Scienjoy, China’s leading mobile livestreaming platforms provider, initiated the “Charms of Porcelain” special campaign as part of its “Rediscovering Intangible Cultural Heritages” (ICHs) project. The company built on the advantages of its livestreaming platform to take users on a journey of discovery to Jingdezhen, where they explored the cultural context of China’s thousand-year-old ceramics industry, experienced the achievements of famous kilns, and passed on the heritage of Jingdezhen’s porcelain culture.

Over 2,000 years of pottery smelting history, over 1,000 years of official kiln history, and over 600 years of imperial kiln history... The essence of time has led to splendid processes for firing and refining porcelain – whether it is the blue and white porcelain, the famille rose porcelain, or the underglaze colored porcelain, they all carry excellent skills and exquisite craftsmanship. Jingdezhen ceramics are famous for their delicate texture, unique shape, and gorgeous colors, and are known as the "treasure of Asia porcelain", becoming a cultural symbol for the world to understand China and for China to embrace the world.

For Chinese people, different types of porcelain wares carry different historical and cultural connotations. During the special campaign, 12 streamers from Scienjoy’s Showself livestreaming platform turned themselves into porcelain ambassadors to recommend exquisite porcelain wares from Jingdezhen, co-exploring the oriental romance and ultimate aesthetics behind porcelain, as well as the craftsmanship and heritage it embeds.

Since Scienjoy launched its “Rediscovering ICHs” project at the end of 2022, the company has joined users to explore various ICHs such as the Jingxi Shadow Play and the Jingshan Tea Garden. Now tilting more resources towards traditional culture, it is leveraging approaches such as technological means, functional services, and content highlights to enable a fusion between digital technology and ICHs. By giving traditional culture more trending elements, Scienjoy engages more users, especially young ones with more fashionable and youthful expressions, encouraging them to follow, understand and love China’s rich pool of ICHs.

"As we run content-focused platforms, Scienjoy is obliged to assume social responsibility and provide communication channels for the inheritance of ICHs through practical actions," said the person in charge of the company’s ICH project. "We hope to leverage excellent content with strong cultural attributes, such as the porcelain culture, to let users understand the unique crafts and cultural charms behind China’s ICHs. That will deal a positive impact on them, and make traditional culture a new trend for young users."

In the future, Scienjoy will continue to explore more efforts of content innovation, creating unique cultural contents that are diverse in form, rich in content, and enjoyable in viewability.