Scienjoy Holds Metaverse Content Workshop to Empower Next-Generation Creators

Published on : 15 June 2023

Recently, Scienjoy, China’s leading mobile livestreaming platforms provider, teamed up with the China Academy of Art (CAA) School of Design & Innovation to co-host the "Metaverse UGC Digital Content Workshop". Themed "Bridging Technology and Art to Co-Create Digital Islands", the workshop joined hands with outstanding student creators to co-build metaverse scenes through integration, openness, and mutual learning.

Workshop poster

The collaboration built on CAA’s advanced training concepts and rich educational experience, leveraged the creative inspiration of its students, deeply integrated the artistic nature of UGC, and combined Scienjoy’s technological expertise in such fields as AI, AR, VR, and digital humans to create more imaginative and creative digital islands and identify potential next-generation creators.

Workshop photo

Throughout the workshop, Scienjoy’s design and technical teams provided professional guidance to student participants. They also conducted special talks on the latest development of the metaverse, discussing its development trends and sharing operation-related cases and experiences. After being randomly regrouped, CAA students from different disciplines and majors took advantage of their respective strengths to stimulate imagination, creativity, and diversity, which translated into digital art works with novel and unique themes. At the end of the workshop, Scienjoy selected and awarded individual and group winners by considering multiple perspectives such as diversity, fun, artistry, innovation, and appreciation, with the winning works to be gradually exhibited on its digital islands.

Some of the workshop’s winning works

The practical workshop enabled students to quickly grasp the latest approaches and presentation methods of UGC digital content, delivering a positive impact on their future creative journey and career planning. Yu Yunlong, a sophomore at CAA, noted: "The workshop has aroused my strong interest in metaverse social. I hope to participate in more such activities in the future, and look forward to having our work presented on digital islands as soon as possible. At the same time, the patient guidance of lecturers and the communication between classmates have allowed me to understand the importance of teamwork."

For many years, Scienjoy has been earnestly exploring new models of school-business cooperation to foster a new mechanism for collaborative education – the company has successively partnered with multiple universities such as Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. In the future, Scienjoy will continue to expand cooperation with universities over the "Metaverse UGC Digital Content Workshop", focusing on metaverse digital content and deeply inspiring students' creativity and productivity. "We believe that the digital workshop will help identify more next-generation creators and output more excellent works," noted the person in charge of the workshop at Scienjoy.

Looking forward, Scienjoy will continue to focus on the field of digital culture, increase investment in cutting-edge technologies, and empower universities through forms such as school-business collaboration, diverse co-creation, and cross-discipline synergy and from perspectives such as cultivating metaverse talents and boosting professional skills. On the other hand, the company will continuously enhance cutting-edge technological capabilities such as big models, provide increasingly diverse user experiences, and enable all-round development of the livestreaming ecosystem by stepping up the presentation of livestreaming metaverse content.