Scienjoy helped BTV "Companion Angel One Hour" Donate to Disabled Individuals with Dwarfism

Published on : 07 June 2017

The one-week "Companion Angel One Hour" event, particularly on day 6, Children's Day large-scale public welfare clinic was held in Beijing Yizhuang by Beijing TV Life Program Center "Life Moment·Life Support Group." Scienjoy (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (Scienjoy) was invited to attend the event and donated to patients with growth disorder.


Previously, Scienjoy and the Beijing Disabled Welfare Foundation jointly established a special fund for "To Listen to the Voice of the World" to help children with hearing disabilities. The Beijing Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation invented this new event to make people donate money on the spot. It helps to convey positive energy, help patients achieve their dreams, and at the same time to call for more companies and individuals to pay attention to short stature patients.

This "Essence of Angels for One Hour" charity event was hosted by Beijing TV host Zhang Nan, a supporter of the patients. Zhang Nan was accompanied by Jing Xinchun. Jing Xinchun is a patient who has never been able to grow taller since he was 8 years old. He is now 26 years old and is only be 135cm tall. He is currently working in the Shadow Theater, but it is tough to pay for his medical expenses. Therefore, all the funds raised at the event were used for medical expenses. The entire fund-raising process was supervised by the Beijing Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation.

In addition, during the event, a team of experts from Peking Union Medical College Hospital conducted a public welfare clinic.