Scienjoy Embraces Pioneering “Livestreaming +” Model for CSR Fulfillment

Published on : 15 July 2022

Since 2020, the livestreaming industry has embraced a whole new stage of development. According to the 49th China Statistical Report on Internet Development, the number of Internet users in China had reached 1.032 billion by December 2021. Thanks to outstanding features such as broad audience, strong interaction, and high time-space adaptability, the online livestreaming industry has witnessed a continuously growing user base – iiMedia Research, a third-party data mining and analysis organization, estimates that in 2022, China will have 660 million users of online livestreaming. To that end, the industry has risen as a structural force that’s integral to our society, playing an active role in advancing causes such as spreading positive energy and promoting rural revitalization.

Being a leading live entertainment mobile streaming platform in China, Scienjoy continues to enrich contents of culture and entertainment, build a Metaverse on the livestreaming scenario, and foster a more diversified yet grandeur content ecosystem. At the same time, the company also seeks to proactively fulfill its corporate social responsibility via the “Livestreaming + Charity” model, fully exercising its corporate influence and relaying positive energy across the society in fields including patriotism, health, education, anti-COVID, and rural revitalization.

As 2021 marked the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Scienjoy involved itself in livestreaming high-profile events at the Museum of the Chinese Communist Party, showcasing the party's century-long glory and milestone achievements and deeply incorporating patriotism into livestreaming activities. The company also initiated a special event to pay tribute to the party’s founding anniversary, celebrating 100 years of excellence, promoting love for the country and the party, and advocating communist traditions and spirits.

“Livestreaming + Culture” was also activated to promote performing arts, as Scienjoy teamed up with various organizers to livestream reputed art events such as the Harbin Summer Music Concert, the 9th China Peking Opera Art Festival, the 4th China Opera Festival, and the 13th National Dance Show, allowing elegant art forms to access livestreams in order to showcase the charms of Chinese arts and pass on the treasures of Chinese culture.

And in the year of all-round poverty alleviation, Scienjoy, actively responding to the country’s call, planned and staged a large-scale livestreaming event titled "Beautiful Countryside and Well-Off Society", which highlighted the magnificent landscapes and beautiful sceneries of Chinese countryside through the inspiring combination of livestreaming, video and photography. It also visited Arxan, Inner Mongolia to livestream the "Arxan Rural Wall Painting Art Competition", which helped boost the livestreaming industry’s growth in rural China, explore new forms of promoting rural revitalization through livestreaming, and create a new model for livestreaming platforms to empower the meaningful cause of rural revitalization.

Besides efforts to actively promote socialist core values ​​and deliver positive energy through models like “Livestreaming + Culture” and “Livestreaming + Rural Revitalization”, the empowering effects of “Livestreaming + Charity” have also become increasingly prominent. In 2021, Scienjoy gradually initiated and participated in a series of charity campaigns such as "Listening to the Sound of the World", "Caring for Hearing-Impaired Children", "Supporting Students with Love", and "West China Warmth Project", focusing on the education cause in poverty-stricken mountainous areas. It was also involved in campaigns like "Disabled and Healthy People Together Welcome the Winter Games" and "Helping Disabled Land Jobs without Obstacles", which focused on underprivileged groups and relayed warmth to more parts of the society.

COVID-19 prevention, health, education, employment, traditional culture, charity, rural revitalization... Through the versatile “Livestreaming +” model, Scienjoy is radiating positive energy to more fields across the society. In the future, the company will join hands with more forces to solidly fulfill corporate social responsibility and empower the industry to develop in a healthy manner.