Scienjoy cooperated with Chinajoy to improve the brand influence

Published on : 27 July 2020

Recently, Scienjoy has formally established cooperation with the 18th China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference (ChinaJoy) in 2020 through Damai, an online ticketing platform owned by Alibaba. Scienjoy, as one of the ChinaJoy Plus’s live streaming platforms, customized online content for CJ based on its own platform advantages. Scienjoy also cooperated with Damai and Taobao Live streaming to connect more users of ChinaJoy by inviting more streamers to interact offline to realize the combination of OMO and digital entertainment industry development.

After 18 years of development, ChinaJoy as one of the most well-known and influential events in the global digital entertainment field, continues to promote the vigorous development of the industry and has been focused on by different enterprises over the years. The ChinaJoy launched "ChinaJoy Plus" sector, with new technology and new digital entertainment industry development, allowing the players (especially the players that cannot come to ChinaJoy expo site) to experience the exhibition. Those players can be actively involved in the online activities. The hundreds of thousands of offline audiences can connect with the onsite audiences to achieve more value outside of the exhibition site. In addition, the ChinaJoyBTOC ticket purchase channel has officially opened in Damai website. With the help of Offline content and channel partnership from Damai, a new field could be developed in the field of entertainment such as concert, drama, sports events and other opportunities.

Scienjoy as a leader in Chinese live streaming industry, stated a mission that is "applying innovative thinking to provide users with excellent service" and committed to create enjoyable experience for users based on a deep understanding of the broadcasting industry. Scienjoy constructs the world of virtual Life within the streaming situation by setting a series of live scenes. The goal of building the second life scenario is to provide a platform for users to experience the real feeling of a different life. Streamers focus on delivering vibrant content. Scienjoy’s products include Showself, Lehai TV and Haixiu TV. By the end of December 2019, they have more than 200 million users and more than 200,000 streamers.

After listed on the NASDAQ on May 8 this year, Scienjoy has launched an e-commerce platform - "Sienjoy selection" which is presented in its live streaming. Scienjoy is also actively exploring the combination of live streaming with entertainment, new media, cosmetic medicine and other fields. Scienjoy is also steadily expanding in overseas markets, such as Middle East and Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, in order to connect with the development of 5G, Scienjoy isinvesting in its research and development department to realize the deep combination of technology and the entertainment industry, therefore creating the most influential closed-loop mobile live broadcasting ecosystem globally.