Scienjoy’s “Rediscovering ICHs” Project Presents Cross-Platform Livestreaming to Highlight China’s Paper-Cutting Art

Published on : 09 October 2023
Recently, two of Scienjoy’s popular livestreaming platforms, Haixiu and Lehai, joined hands to present a special livestreaming session on China’s paper-cutting art, leading viewers into a unique world of art and helping them discover the intangible cultural heritage’s exclusive charms. With a pair of scissors and a piece of red paper, paper-cutting artists can create magnificent landscapes and revive past memories. A craft on the fingertips, paper-cutting art reflects Chinese people's ability to observe life and their aesthetics, and embodies the wisdom and creativity of the working class – it is an epitome of traditional Chinese culture. To facilitate the inheritance of traditional culture, Scienjoy’s “Rediscovering Intangible Cultural Heritages (ICHs)” project chose to focus on China’s paper-cutting art, after exploring other ICHs such as the Jingxi (West Beijing) Shadow Play, the Jingshan Tea Garden, and the Jingdezhen Porcelain. And for the first time, Scienjoy presented an ICH-themed livestreaming session in a cross-platform form. The special livestreaming session invited Ni Qiaofeng, an inheritor of paper-cutting art in Beijing’s Haidian District and a visiting lecturer of Tsinghua University, as guest streamer. By showcasing vivid and exquisite paper-cutting works, Ni explained the characteristics, history and culture of paper-cutting art to the audience in great details and demonstrated the creative process of customized paper-cutting works, allowing the audience to have a more intuitive understanding of paper-cutting skills. In addition, the guest streamer also had live links with streamers from Haixiu and Lehai to teach them how to do paper-cutting, so that they could personally enjoy the fun of the craft. The paper-cutting-themed livestreaming session marked another innovative attempt by Scienjoy’s “Rediscovering ICHs” project. During the session, Haixiu and Lehai, two of Scienjoy’s popular livestreaming platforms, used live connection technology to enable real-time cross-platform interaction, breaking platform barriers and sharing viewer traffic. It also gave wider exposure to ICH-theme livestreaming, and provided new inspirations for promoting traditional culture in the Internet age. "Such livestreaming is really meaningful, and I hope participate in more such activities in the future", "Paper-cutting is so interesting. Is it too late to learn from the lecturer now?"… After the livestreaming session, streamers from both Haixiu and Lehai expressed their strong interest in paper-cutting art, and gained deeper understanding of the significance of traditional cultural inheritance. As a responsible corporate citizen, Scienjoy hopes to leverage the advantages of livestreaming media to present more ICH-themed projects to the public in a more friendly and relaxed way, and contribute to the inheritance and dissemination of ICHs in China. In the future, Scienjoy will continue to empower ICH-themed livestreaming with new technologies and new forms, allowing more people to understand traditional Chinese culture and helping revive traditional culture in the new era.