"Live streaming + public welfare" helped the success of the second Beijing Disabled Youth Entrepreneurship Competition

Published on : 30 December 2019

On 28th December 2019, the final competition and award ceremony of the second “Scienjoy Cup” Beijing Disabled Youth Entrepreneurship Competition was successfully held in the Special Education College of Beijing Union University. This competition was mainly organized by the Beijing Disabled Persons’ Federation, Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Beijing Municipal Education Commission and Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League; jointly organized by Beijing Disabled Persons' Social Security and Employment Service Center, Beijing Foundation for Disabled Persons, etc.; and sponsored by Scienjoy. The second “Scienjoy Cup” Beijing disabled youth entrepreneurship competition aims to integrate disabled people into society, helps them create value and realize their dreams.

In this competition, 6 outstanding projects entered the final competition. Projects like “Black Dad” black agricultural products project, traditional Chinese medicine culture research and creation project, creative audio project of Huanxi media, Tianyu sunshine swimming and fitness club project, grape car service project, repair art project cover several aspects related to daily life and demonstrate the cohesion effect of and glorious achievement made by disabled people. After wonderful on-site display and fair judgment, the creative audio project of Huanxi media won the first prize of this competition; “Black Dad” black agricultural products project and traditional Chinese medicine culture research and creation project won the second prize; Tianyu sunshine swimming and fitness club project, grape car service project and repair art project won the third prize.

Since its inception, Scienjoy has attached great importance to corporate social responsibility. In 2016, its management team focused on disability assistance, set up the fund of “Scienjoy, listening to the voice of the world” in cooperation with Beijing Foundation for Disabled Persons in order to help children with hearing impairment carry out rehabilitation training. From the initial participation in a single public welfare activity to the overall support for Beijing Disabled Youth Entrepreneurship Competition, Scienjoy helped the development of public welfare and disability assistance in Beijing. This competition was broadcast by Showself, Lehai TV and Haixiu TV of Scienjoy and its strategic cooperation platform Hongle TV and Beeshow.

Victor He, the CEO of Scienjoy, said that the participation in social public welfare activities can not only show the value orientation of enterprises, fulfill the social responsibilities and obligations of enterprises, but also effectively improve the cohesion of employees, stimulate the morale of employees, promote the growth of enterprises, and make internal employees and external partners have a greater sense of identity and trust. "Active participation in public welfare can reflect the core values and corporate culture essence to the greatest extent. We will continue to improve the values of the enterprise and spread them to the public, which is the direction every responsible enterprise should strive to pursue."

In addition, the Beijing Youth Entrepreneurship Competition also established a "one-to-one help plan" for the 6 outstanding projects that were finally shortlisted. 10 enterprises, such as Zhidong Huiying, offer support to excellent entrepreneurial projects in terms of enterprise management, team building, brand publicity, sales channels, etc. "ZiNiu Heart Selection will help excellent enterprises solve common problems from brand building, channel expansion, IP building, etc." said by Li Feng, the head of Zhidong Huiying.

"Scienjoy Cup" Beijing Disabled Youth Entrepreneurship Competition is the first innovative disabled entrepreneurship project in China. After two-years of development, its brand influence is gradually growing. While opening the "blue ocean" of entrepreneurship, the disabled also actively help more people find jobs and realize their self-worth. From being helped to helping others and from being unemployed to entrepreneurship, disabled people in Beijing constantly explore and attempt different modes, actively practice the concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship, and create their own way to realize their dreams.