"I wrote love poems for my hometown" Live Series Launched excitingly in Changbai Mountain!

Published on : 29 June 2019

Every time when mentioning hometown, many people will think about warmth and smiles.


On the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, many hosts and users have expressed their love and introduction for their hometown in various ways. And their expressions have become a highlight of the platform content ecology, which also made people learn more about our country.


In order to let the majority of audiences learn about the beautiful scenery and wonderful culture of our country, the Internet News and Information Communication Bureau of the Central Network Information Office, Scienjoy and Guangming.com jointly hosted the live series of “Beautiful China, I wrote love poems for my hometown,” introduced by famous hosts with positive energy of Scienjoy and Guangming.com deeply.

Today, the series of live broadcasts kicked off, and the first live broadcast will launch in Changbai Mountain to show unique charm to everyone!

WeChat Image_20190629170352.png

Near July, Changbai Mountain has a cool rain.

The two hosts set foot on the "Space-time Corridor" and started the live broadcast. In the live broadcast, the two hosts visually displayed the local scenery. Through the live broadcast, everyone was in the middle of green nature and seemed to feel cool across the screen.

Through the introduction, everyone learned that different slopes of Changbai Mountain have their own unique features. And the scenery is beautiful and quiet which almost open all year round, showing a unique charm to visitors. 

The local characters are also very attractive to the audiences. Local folk customs and food make a lot of audiences strongly curious. A local accent from the local host has made many users feel friendly and kind. In the host’s story, everyone feels the optimism and hospitality in the Northeast and is attracted by local delicious food!







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The wonderful live broadcast came to an end, and many audiences wanted to see more and have more imagination or yearns to Changbai Mountain.

Next step, we will go into Hongcun in Huang Mountain to learn about the excitement of Anhui province. Stay updated!