"Endorse my hometown" live broadcast activities into Changbai Mountain

Published on : 01 July 2019

Guangming.com (Reporter Zhang Yuexin, Yuan Qing) 

On the afternoon of June 30, under the guidance of the Network News and Information Bureau of the Central Network Office, Guangming.com and Scienjoy hosted "The scene of beautiful China is never enough, write love poems for my hometown.” For the hometown endorsement, the live broadcast series covered activities in a small town at the foot of Changbai Mountain - Erdaobaihe Town. In the nearly one-hour live broadcast, Guangming.com's host and Scienjoy's live music artists introduced the natural scenery, humanities, and culture and tourism routes of Changbai Mountain Tianchi to the audiences.

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Changbai Mountain Tianchi. Photo by Yuan Qing


Erdaobaihe Town is an important gateway of Changbai Mountain, and is known as the “first town of Changbai Mountain”. The town is quiet and peaceful, with fresh air and blends with Changbai Mountain.

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Guangming.com host and music host Dazuo. Photo by Yuan Qing


In the live broadcast, the two hosts not only introduced the formation process of Changbai Mountain Tianchi and the beauty of local food, but also led everyone into the historical and cultural corridor with local characteristics, combined with live sculptures and clay figurines, vividly to audiences. It shows the unique cultural style of Changbai Mountain.


Finally, the two hosts also specially introduced the travel routes, time, and precautions of Changbai Mountain to audiences. Visitors are advised to visit Changbai Mountain from September to October. During this period, the autumn is high and the air humidity is low, and the probability of seeing the Tianchi is greater. In addition, this time is also the best season to watch the red leaves with a good view, no matter which slope on the mountain one is intending to see from. 


As of July 1, a total of 1.2 million people watched the live broadcast and participated in real-time interaction. In July, the "My Love Poems for Hometown" series live event will also bring you to more fun and good-looking places, so stay tuned!