The Broadcaster’s story | Su Miaomiao: Running on the road of live streaming

Published on : 26 May 2021

Several days before, the doctoral thesis ‘Acknowledgments’ became a hot topic on the Internet. The author used plain language to tell his profound feelings of the hardship in the past 22 years educational experience, which touched numerous netizens and also triggered a discussion about "education is useful".

In this era of rapid development, the Internet gives everyone the opportunity to be seen. Li Ziqi, who broke the Guinness record and exported Chinese culture by video; Ding Zhen, who was well-known because of his attractive smile and later became Litang’s tourism ambassador; Li Jiaqi, who always said “OMG, buy it” and be given a nickname "lipstick brother NO.1", etc. From short videos to live streaming, more ordinary people have become celebrities overnight, with countless followers.

The flipside of opportunity is the constant anxiety: how to maintain fame and popularity once you become famous? In the pursuit of fame and wealth, most people felt anxious while they were endeavoring. However, in ‘Acknowledgements’, we could find the answer: education can change the fate.

Learning is a weapon to struggle with fate. Hard work cannot ensure that everyone will get to the top, but it can save most people from falling.

In 2017, after graduation, Su Miaomiao took her suitcase to the flourishing city, Shanghai, and became a salesperson there. As her parents had not accompanied her since her childhood, Su Miaomiao’s eccentric personality made her afraid to communicate with customers. Therefore, she could not finish her work well, and often criticized by her boss. She has been thinking about what was holding her back from her career path as she struggled through life.

People are understood through the heart, not the eyes or the intellect. Communication is the key to be with others. Her ability to associate with people improved quietly during live streaming. In mandarin, her nickname "Su Miaomiao" expressed the expectations to be talkative, which is now realized. It’s difficult to link this eloquent person up to the previous Miaomiao who was even afraid of talking with customers.

Connecting with audience across a screen is fun, but also challenging. The first day of her livestreaming was not smooth. Su Miaomiao barely knew about to broadcast equipment. She only had a laptop computer to start, with no polishing and no filter. Because faint blue light of screen reflected on her face, this ghastful scene scared off a lot of audience.

With low self-esteem, Miaomiao’s heart was bruised.

The reason why mountains become mountains is because it does not give up being tall and straight; the reason why water is water because it doesn't stop flowing. Only who learned to never give up in a critical moment know "How does the mountain stand as a kind of dignity, and how does the water dissolve into a vein of wisdom.”

In order to do a good job, she watched the live streaming of many popular broadcasters to sum up their advantages as well as avoid their shortcomings. If Miaomiao encountered the inextricable problem, she would ask for help from other broadcasters, and send gifts in their livestreaming to express gratitude. When she could not use lighting machine well, she asked broadcaster whose room has outstanding lighting effects for help. When she couldn’t adjust the filter right, she asked the broadcaster with a good filter how to set the parameters. When she saw a broadcast room with beautiful scenery, they would buy similar items online to decorate their own live broadcast scenes. Since she was talent, she collected singing and dancing tutorial video to learn. She has always believed that we should try our best no matter what we do. Putting efforts are not about high level of achievements we may get, but about something we could learn and accumulate in the process.

She specially made a material text to record all kinds of jokes she collected. There are not only humorous words popular on the Internet, but also some texts converted according to funny videos. She often watches comedians such as Jia Ling and Shen Teng to cultivate her sense of humor. Collecting material is a huge project and a detail-oriented chore. She often quickly jots down funny things that happen with friends on her mobile phone. It took Su Miaomiao a lot of efforts to find material from everything around her and apply it to her own livestreaming situation. This not only tested her mastery of the content, but also exercised her ability to improvise.

"My greatest strength is my willingness to learn all kinds of things. I may not be the best singing broadcaster, and I may not be the best dancing broadcaster, but there are few broadcasters who have worked hard as me. I tried all the possibilities, including singing, dancing and talk show.

I think my quality is very difficult to imitate, and my live streaming genre is very competitive."

Time never lies, and effort will not be wasted.

From being ridiculed by the audience as "high and cold" when she was just be a broadcaster, to "getting along" with her followers now, during the period of part-time sales and live broadcasting, her communication with customers seemed to become easier...

When reflecting the days when she had to work all day, constantly learning, reviewing her own problems and finding solutions, Su Miaomiao did not have a trace of resentment for the tough life, but was full of pride and moved. And she made it.

Keep learning while reading and keep testing methods during live broadcasts. Flowers and achievements helped her to be self-confident and self-treasured from self-abased. It taught her how to understand love, give it back, and how to deal with setbacks...

She saw the heaven and real life, saw all living beings, and saw herself. Live broadcasting opened the door for her to see more possibilities of herself, to know many people she cares about, and to see a broader world. Even if the future has a long way to go, even if there are disappointments, she never forgets to run, or forgets the reason of starting. Because there will always be gains if you are on the road.