Scienjoy Unlocks “Livestreaming + Art” Model to Celebrate New Accomplishments

Published on : 24 April 2023

China’s key news portal and mobile livestreaming platforms provider Scienjoy have recently co-launched a major livestreaming campaign titled "Strive for a New Era", which highlights the country’s magnificent achievements and accomplishments in the new era. Building on the 13th China Art Festival, acclaimed art shows such as A Ballad of the Northern Wei Dynasty, Li Dazhao, Gu Wenchang, The Straits, and Lift Your Hijab greeted Chinese netizens via special livestreaming sessions on Showself, one of Scienjoy’s most watched livestreaming platforms – the online sessions made such theatrical productions more accessible to the public, a move that has been praised by Chinese netizens.

The "Strive for a New Era" livestreaming campaign focuses on three key themes, culture, technology and industry. Among them, culture is the spiritual bloodline of a nation, and literature and art help symbolize the era we’re in – based on China’s profound traditional culture, the campaign’s culture-themed activities celebrate the new era with high spirits; as science prepares us for a better future, technology-related activities inspire public attention and interest for science and technology, by discussing, teaching and demonstrating science; and showcasing how modern industries enable a better life, industry-related activities examine China’s latest scenarios of technology application, depicting a beautiful future that’s gradually coming into shape.

From August 30th to September 5th, song and dance drama A Ballad of the Northern Wei Dynasty, Peking opera Li Dazhao, stage drama Gu Wenchang, symphony concert The Straits, and music and dance show Lift Your Hijab were presented at theaters across Beijing as outstanding repertoires of the art festival. Due to constraints of time and space, many netizens were unable to visit the theaters in person, but through Scienjoy’s "Livestreaming + Art" model, they were still able to fully enjoy the shows which were livestreamed on Scienjoy’s Showself platform – these special sessions drew a record high number of viewers.

At five livestreaming sessions, the highlighted shows were remembering China’s revolutionary martyrs, portraying legendary characters, or exhibiting historic changes, providing a strong sense of presence for all viewers. The newly-adapted modern Peking opera Li Dazhao uses grand narratives to highlight the revolutionist’s dramatic temperament of heroism, and uses innovative forms to relay revolutionary spirits through livestreaming. Highly-produced with a script that’s been rewritten six times, A Ballad of the Northern Wei Dynasty illustrates the inheritance and transformation between two generations of rulers, as well as the cultural integration and development between ethnic minorities and the Han people, as its producer hopes to facilitate high-development and welcome the 20th CPC National Congress with cultural profundity. Presented in a flashback way, stage drama Gu Wenchang revisits the ordinary yet great life of Gu Wenchang, a grass-root party official in Dongshan County, Fujian Province, erecting an immortal monument in the hearts of Chinese audience. Focusing on the historical changes across the Taiwan Straits, symphony concert The Straits stages a grand audio-visual symphony to chant the unbreakable biological and emotional connections between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan Province. And fusing various performing forms and applying advanced stage technologies, music and dance show Lift Your Hijab vividly showcases the brand-new look of contemporary Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Planned by and supported by Scienjoy, the "Strive for a New Era" campaign was livestreamed on Scienjoy’s five platforms including Showself, Lehai, Haixiu, BeeHive, and Hongren, allowing the charms of the highlighted art shows to reach a broader audience and presenting high-quality contents to Chinese netizens. As one of the most influential livestreaming platforms of the present day, Scienjoy will adhere to its content focus on technology, culture and industry, continue outputting contents of positive energy, engage more users with high-quality assets, and convey the core values of socialism in ways preferred by the young generation. Also in 2022, Scienjoy has updated its corporate culture, upholding a new proposition of "more connection more enjoyment". It will rely on cutting-edge technologies to realize the connections between people and people, people and things, and virtuality and reality, therefore achieving greater interconnectivity between “information islands”, making technology even more heart-warming, and enabling a happier life for all users. In the future, Scienjoy will continue to deeply foster a livestreaming metaverse and develop a complete ecosystem of mobile livestreaming.


As China forges ahead in the new era, the country is having bigger dreams for its upcoming journey of development. With the new "14th Five-Year Plan", a batch of online livestreaming platforms represented by Scienjoy will more vigorously explore the integration between livestreaming and art, by further advancing the much-applauded "Livestreaming + Art" model.