Scienjoy Kicks off "Journey to Explore Porcelain Culture" in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi

Published on : 24 November 2023

On August 17, Showself under China’s leading mobile livestreaming platforms provider Scienjoy visited Jingdezhen, known by many as China’s Porcelain Capital, for a special livestreaming show to deeply explore China’s porcelain culture. Through the camera, the popular livestreaming platform led the audience to experience the beauty of fusion between ancient buildings and modern creativity, and to savor the unique charms of Jingdezhen ceramics through engaging interactions.

Born from kilns, the city of Jingdezhen has flourished with porcelain, and thousands of years of ceramic history endows this small city in Jiangxi Province with a strong cultural heritage. Among many well-known scenic spots, the Sculpture Factory, established in 1956, boasts strong technical and talent capabilities. After continuous development and transformation, it has become a new landmark in Jingdezhen’s ceramics-related cultural and creative industry. The factory gathers older generation masters, craft inheritors, and professional talents trained by art schools, making it the best place to understand and experience Jingdezhen’s porcelain culture. That’s why for the "Journey to Explore Porcelain Culture", Showself chose to visit the Sculpture Factory, leading the audience to experience the unique historical heritage and cultural atmosphere of the Porcelain Capital in a creative setting where tradition meets modernity.

At the livestreaming scene, the show host live-linked with five streamers from Showself to unlock clues in fun games. The streamers also turned themselves into porcelain ambassadors to recommend exquisite porcelain wares from Jingdezhen, co-exploring the oriental romance and ultimate aesthetics behind porcelain, as well as the craftsmanship and heritage it embeds. Streamer Jing Xiaoxi admitted that through the livestreaming show, the streamers contributed their modest efforts to help more users learn about porcelain and celebrate China’s local culture.

The "Journey to Explore Porcelain Culture" livestreaming show marked the final event of Scienjoy’s “Rediscovering Intangible Cultural Heritages (ICHs)” project in Jingdezhen. The two preceding events, “Burning Team Spirits” and “Charms of Porcelain”, both witnessed positive response from streamers and users. Initiated at the end of 2022, Scienjoy’s “Rediscovering ICHs” project aims to utilize the company’s own resources and advantages in areas such as technology and content to endow traditional culture with new modern-day elements, and make more people, especially young people, follow, understand, and love ICHs. After exploring various ICHs such as the Jingxi Shadow Play and the Jingshan Tea Garden, the project fixed its eyes on Jingdezhen, integrating online and offline scenes and introducing the “Group Battle” element for the first time, to fully mobilize streamers to promote Jingdezhen’s porcelain culture and endow traditional culture with new trending expressions.

"Small porcelain contains such great wisdom, and that’s why Jingdezhen becomes the world's porcelain capital", "The word china not only means porcelain, but also stands for our country, so if I have the opportunity, I will definitely visit Jingdezhen to experience the porcelain capital myself"… The livestreaming show allowed many viewers to have a more intuitive and profound understanding of Jingdezhen's history, culture, and ceramic art, which precisely represents the value of Scienjoy’s “Rediscovering ICHs” project in facilitating the inheritance of traditional culture. Amid the fusion between tradition and modernity, the treasures of Chinese culture are endowed with new vitality. In the future, Scienjoy will continue to create deeper, richer, and more diverse cultural contents, thereby promoting the inheritance and reinvention of Chinese culture.