Web Front-end Development Engineer

Beijing • Technology • Full Time

Work content:

1. Responsible for the development of HTML pages of website products, and cooperate with UI to realize the front-end features of website pages;

2. According to business function requirements, write js and css code to assist back-end engineers to complete page data filling and debugging;

3. Responsible for the maintenance and optimization of the front end of the website page;

4. Web front-end new technology learning, research and practice in work.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer science;

2. More than 2 years of web front-end development experience;

3. Familiar with popular front-end MVC architecture, familiar with popular frameworks (such as Angular, React, Backbone, JQuery, Bootstrap, etc.);

4. Proficient in Web front-end technologies, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, DOM, JSON and other front-end technologies;

5. Have good communication skills and teamwork spirit.

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