Video Designer

Beijing • Technology • Full Time

Work content:

1. Responsible for the company's video editing production, video packaging, title, and promotional video design;

2. According to different types of production needs, control the quality of the video picture, the rhythm, and the combination of audio and video.


1. Proficient in AE, PR, Eduis and other editing and synthesis related software, responsible for video animation synthesis, editing, independent production of subtitles, transitions, special effects, and text layout;

2. Possess the aesthetic appreciation of video pictures, the perception of colors and the artistic feeling of pictures, strong lens sense, strong design thinking ability, innovative, good at analysis and accumulation;

3. A strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, a good team spirit, and a solid work;

4. Able to use SLR camera or professional video camera for high-quality video shooting priority.

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