UI Designer

Beijing • Product • Full Time

Job Descriptions

  1. Responsible for visual/interactive design work of the desktop (PC), mobile (Android and iPhone), as well as tablet (Android pad and iPad) to improve user experience, as well as feedback tracking
  2. Responsible for supporting operation, promotion, and other related design needs, evaluate visual/interactive performance of existing products and propose the improvement plan to continuously optimize the visual effect
  3. Familiar with the unified UE/UI specifications of the mobile APP design 
  4. Responsible for the visual design of the platform, participate in product design, proficient in applying verifiable design methods and ideas to capture user's attention, and design the work which meets and leads users' needs and expectations
  5. Participate in the optimization of design and process, and responsible for the implementation of standards and specifications 
  6. Have a strong sensitivity of user feedback and product data skills, understand and induct them, and apply to the design and innovation of product experience

Job Qualifications

  1. Bachelor's degree or above in art or similar area of study, solid basic skills, and good hand drawing ability
  2. More than 1-year experience of UI design, and proficient in the design of website and APP 
  3. Has independently completed at least one UI design and project execution of product 
  4. Independently complete at least one UI design and project execution of web product 
  5. Familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Fireworks, FLASH and other related softwares, and have the ability to use them independently
  6. Excellent aesthetic design, the foundation of art, concern about the trend of international design, proficient in the use of various design software, such as photoshop, flash and other related tools
  7. Independently design the UI design specification of the mobile APP live field
  8. Familiar with project management of agile development 
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