Training Manager

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Work content:

1. Set up a training system, formulate the company's annual human resource training plan and budget, monitor the training process, evaluate the training effect, and implement the training work in detail;

2. Formulate, organize, and implement the company's annual and monthly training plans according to training needs (senior management, middle-level, grassroots, and employees); monitor the training process, evaluate training effects, and organize training assessments;

3. Expand training channels and resources, and evaluate external training institutions and teachers;

4. Organize the development of training courses and compile training materials, independently complete the development of some management and professional courses, and teach them internally;

5. Build an internal trainer team, provide consultation and guidance for internal trainers, and manage daily work.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in human resources or management is preferred;

2. More than 5 years of relevant work experience, and more than 3 years of training management experience;

3. Familiar with various training channels, training procedures and training methods, and be able to operate training projects independently;

4. Have strong motivation, communication, coordination and team leadership skills, and have a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism. Able to quickly understand the business, and organically combine training with business needs;

5. Practical work, positive attitude, able to withstand work pressure;

Self-driven, strong thinking, serious and responsible, and friendly, able to adapt to the company's rapid development pace.

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