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Work content:

Test the products developed by the company (including PC, android, iOS and web, etc.). The entire testing work focuses on functional testing, supplemented by performance testing skills to complete the company's expected business and product requirements, as follows:

1. Develop test plans, design test cases and test data for the functions of the products in charge, and effectively execute various tests, including acceptance tests, module tests, integration tests, regression tests, etc. After the test is completed, a test report needs to be submitted;

2. The problems found in the testing process must be submitted through the management system and cooperate with the developers to reproduce and solve the problems. In addition, all submitted issues need to be tracked;

3. Record and track the problems reported by operating colleagues and online users, and contact and cooperate with developers to solve them in a timely manner.


1. Bachelor degree or above, computer-related major, about 1 year of relevant work experience;

2. Master the theory and methods of software testing, and be able to proficiently apply a variety of testing tools;

3. Familiar with software testing process, design and coding experience is preferred;

4. Strong logical analysis ability and learning ability;

5. Careful work, patient, good communication skills and teamwork spirit.

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