Product Event Planning

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Work content:

1. Responsible for the planning and design of daily activities of the company's products;

2. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the same type of activities and integrate them into a reproducible activity template;

3. Responsible for demand analysis, planning, design, and operation tracking of operational activities;

4. According to the needs of the project, cooperate with UI and animation designers to output high-quality market demand documents, product demand documents, and product prototypes;

5. Cooperate with development/testing positions, complete the research and development of activities, and supervise the output quality of activities;

6. Auxiliary marketing/operating positions, providing support during the operation and promotion of the event;

7. Assist the person in charge of the product to carry out internal tracking management, operation monitoring, data sorting and statistics, etc.;

8. Share competitive product event analysis, event design experience, promote event operations, and assist operation departments to improve event planning capabilities.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, journalism, design, Chinese, and art is preferred;

2. More than 3 years of mobile product management and operation related design experience, website, mobile terminal product (in operation) design experience, and mature work;

3. Excellent event planning ability, passion and innovative spirit, adhere to the best user experience;

4. Possess strong logical thinking and ability to control the details of user experience, and have good user empathy;

5. Familiar with the necessary product tools, such as MindManager, AxureRP, VISIO, etc., have excellent scene document writing skills, and have a deep understanding of technology, operation, market and other directions;

6. Understand the development of agile projects;

7. Understand and love the Internet live broadcast industry, have entrepreneurial passion and innovative spirit, be proactive, serious and responsible;

8. Good logic analysis ability, communication ability and teamwork ability, and full of work passion, creativity and sense of responsibility.

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