Product Designer

Beijing • Product • Full Time

Job Descriptions

  1. Responsible for competitive analysis, demand analysis and low-fidelity prototyping work of the company's products 
  2. Analyze advantages and disadvantages of similar types of product, integrate them into product improvement, and collect feedback from users & market demands for further analysis
  3. Cooperate with the UI designer to complete the high-fidelity prototype design of UI/UE; cooperate with the animation designer to complete the dynamic prototyping of the product experience
  4. Cooperate with the development/test colleague to complete the product development and to supervise the product quality
  5. Assist the product manager to manage operational applications, including related product demand analysis and design in Android and iOS
  6. Support market / operation division in product operation and promotion
  7. Assist managers in internal tracking management, product operation monitoring, data collation and statistics
  8. Share product and market research and design experience to promote the company's product progress and design capabilities of product team

Job Qualifications

  1. More than 1-year experience in the design of mobile product and experience in the interface design of website and mobile terminal products; have mature work
  2. Bachelor's degree or above in computer, news, design, editing, Chinese or similar area of study
  3. Excellent logic analysis ability, communication and teamwork skills, passion, creativity, and responsibility
  4. Understand and love the Internet live broadcast industry or the mobile Internet industry, have entrepreneurial passion and innovative spirit, and proactive and responsible
  5. Proficient in Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and other production tools
  6. Excellent product design capabilities, passionate and innovative in product design, and adhere to the user's best experience
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