Product Designer

Beijing • Technology • Full Time

Work content:

1. Responsible for market competition analysis, demand analysis, and low-fidelity prototype design of the company's products;

2. Responsible for demand analysis and product design of related products;

3. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the same type of products and integrate them into product improvement requirements, and collect market, user feedback and demand identification, analysis and definition;

4. Cooperate with the UI design position to complete the high-fidelity prototype design of UI/UE; cooperate with the animation design position to complete the dynamic prototype design of the product experience;

5. Cooperate with development/testing positions, complete product research and development, and supervise product quality;

6. Auxiliary marketing/operating positions, providing support in the process of product operation and promotion;

7. Carry out project tracking management, product operation monitoring, data sorting and statistics, etc.;

8. Share competitive product analysis, design experience, and promote the company's product progress and product team design capabilities.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, journalism, design, Chinese related;

2. More than 2 years of mobile product-related design experience, with website and mobile terminal product interface design experience; mature works;

3. Excellent product design ability, passion and innovative spirit in product design, and adhere to the best user experience;

4. Proficient in Photoshop and proficient in using software such as Flash and Illustrator, mastering production tools such as Dreamweaver; understanding of agile project development;

5. Understand and love the Internet live broadcast industry or mobile Internet industry, have entrepreneurial passion and innovative spirit, be proactive, serious and responsible;

6. Good logic analysis skills, communication skills and teamwork skills.

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